Joint Effort: 3 Easy Steps To Healthy Knees



ROB JORDAN, (PT, OCS) Rob was born and raised in Knoxville, Iowa. He received his Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science and Neuroanatomy from the University of Iowa. He received his Master’s degree in Physical Therapy from the University of Iowa and completed his Doctoral training at Rocky Mountain University of Health

Professions, in Provo, Utah. Rob ran a large, successful practice in Hot Springs for 18 years. Jordan Health Services had 5 clinics in Hot Springs, Hot Springs Village, Benton, and Malvern. It also contracted PT, OT and SLP services with 13 local school districts. Rob sold Jordan Health Services in 2007, when he discovered that “bigger” is not always “better.” Running a large, multi- clinic company with 35 employees was stressful and unrewarding. He had become so involved with running the business that he was no longer able to treat patients. For the next 5 years Rob worked as a Practice Consultant, helping other private practice owners build their clinics more successful. He travelled all over the United States and Canada as a consultant, but still missed treating patients. While helping fix “broken” practices was rewarding, his strongest talent was in helping people recover from illnesses, injuries and surgeries. Rob decided to get back into the clinical setting, working for several hospitals, nursing homes, home health agencies and private practices. Unfortunately, this only reinforced his belief that “the only way to do things right, is to do it yourself.” The draw of private practice was overwhelming. Fortunately, he was able to make the acquaintance of Gretchen Cellers, a physical therapist assistant, who had completed part of her educational internship with him, and worked with him for 5 years, in another clinic. Together, Rob and Gretchen set out to create something different. They determined that patients should not be treated like numbers on a balance sheet. They set out to build Joint Effort Physical Therapy from the ground up. Their philosophy is simple: to do what is best for the patient. With great effort and pride, they have been able to grow the practice into one of the most dynamic and successful practices in the area.

“ I H I GHL Y RECOMMEND J O I NT E F FORT PHYS I CAL THERAPY ! ” “Amazing staff who make you want to do the work and get back to life! Rob and Gretchin explain way more than the docs do to let you know what is going on with your body. I highly recommend Joint Effort Physical Therapy! I could not have recovered from total knee replacement without them!” - S.W.




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