Eaglebe Smart City Platform - English


Overview of current files

Advice + Send advice requests to colleagues internally but also externally (Police, Fire Department, ...) + Give simple advice. Provide comprehensive advice if necessary. + Central overview of all advice, easy collaboration on files.

+ How many files are waiting for advice? On approval?

On feedback from the applicant? + How many tasks are ready for you? How many tasks for your colleagues? + Smart Dashboard for follow-up files Events, Intakes, ... + Calendar of planned events and intakes.



+ Automatic Price Calculation, Sending Payment Request,

Online Payment, Proof of Payment. + Integration to your accounting. + Eaglebe automates the financial transaction. + Clear overview of income.

Work order

Mobility + An “eagle” view for an overview of your territory: avoid conflicts with diversi- ons, containers, road works, ... + An “eagle” view to increase road safety in detail with simple signage plans.

+ Automatically prepare tasks for placing / retrieving and borrowing + Mobile App with routing, photos for evidence, license plate notification + Link with Work Order platform

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