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This struggle often comes from pride, the idea that if you admit you can’t do it all, then you can’t do anything. But this mindset often leads to ruin. In a survey by 99 Design, most entrepreneurs claimed the worst mistake they ever made wasn’t a poor financial decision or bad planning — it was simply not asking for help early in their careers. Having to ask for help isn’t a sign that you’re unable to achieve what you set out to do. In fact, when you ask for help in business, you may find you’re able to achieve more . This is because asking for help is a form of networking. You’re actively reaching out to experts, learning how other people solve problems, and broadening the awareness of your name and brand at the same time. If you struggle to ask others for help when you need it, start by changing your mindset. You don’t have to do it all; you’re just one person,

and sometimes one person needs to delegate tasks to others to get more done. Asking for help is also easier when you know what you want to ask for. If you are overwhelmed by a big project, take a moment to write down your goals for that project, along with a list of action steps and resources needed to get there. Then think about who you can reach out to in order to tackle these steps. If you’re still uncomfortable with asking for help, make a point of helping others when you can. Being helpful changes the way you perceive receiving help and builds a positive reputation with others. When you are viewed as being helpful, other people want to help you in return. Asking for help means admitting you can’t do it all alone. But why should you have to? Doing it all alone can be pretty lonely, and asking for help means you have a team to support you wherever you go.

“Can you give me a hand?”

Asking for help is a simple request. Most people do it every day, whether they’re getting a second opinion on a paint color or asking a stranger to hold the elevator. Asking for help is important; the ability to work as a team is one of mankind’s greatest strengths. But if the act of asking for help is so essential in our lives, why do entrepreneurs have such a hard time with it?

It’s back-to-school time for college students, which means life is one part stress, one part social melting pot, and all parts broke. For most students, trying to scrounge up enough cash to go on a beer run becomes a more considerable investment than learning. While drinking isn’t part of everyone’s life, these three concepts will help you get through college with a better financial future. Well, at least two of them will. LOANS ARE NOT FINANCIAL AID Taking out a loan is not the same as a grant from the government or a scholarship. It may sound like a rudimentary concept, but unfortunately, thousands of students don’t understand the fundamentals of how financial aid works. Take time to sit down with your school counselor, financial aid representative, or even your friendly neighborhood Surf City Lawyer and ask them questions about how to use financial aid responsibly. FREELANCE WORK Ask any college student, and they’ll tell you how difficult it is to work and go to school. The one trend that can change all that is freelance work. The Freelancers Union reported that 36 percent of the American workforce is in Be Conscious of Your Student Loans WANT MORE BEER MONEY?

what is known as “the gig economy.” By working as a contractor, you can create your schedule and pay rate. That means more money, more time, and more freedom. DRINK CHEAP BEER Listen, we get it. There’s nothing better than a great craft beer, but let’s be honest for a second. If you’re in college, half of that beer is going to end up on the floor of some person’s garage, and the other half might be ingested. An occasional craft beer at a Huntington Beach bonfire is excellent, but if you want to enjoy quality brews for the rest of your life, consider making some sacrifices and saving your dough until after your student loans are paid off. The decisions you make now will alter the course of your financial future. If you want to drink PBR the rest of your life, then taking out massive amounts of student loans is right for you. But if you want to experience the great breweries of southern California and beyond, take time to research how student loans will affect the big picture of your finances. 2

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