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2 2018 Annual Report / Section Celebrating an incredible year of impact at home and abroad.

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Letter from our Co-Founders

WE Schools: Igniting a passion for social issues by bringing experiential service-learning to life


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WE Day: Catalyzing a global movement for change

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WE Social Entrepreneurs: Investing in a socially conscious future


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WE Villages: A proven model of holistic, sustainable development


2018 Board of Directors


Key Milestones Reached in 2018


2018 WE Day Co-Chairs


WE Villages: Where we work


2018 Outstanding Partners and Donors


Spotlight on Sustainability: Keeping the taps on


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Spotlight on Education: Kenya


2018 Canadian Educational Partners


Spotlight on Food Security: Ecuador


2018 American Educational Partners

A Letter from the Co-Founders of WE REFLECTING ON LEGACY AND SUSTAINABLE IMPACT AS WE LOOK FORWARD TO OUR 25TH ANNIVERSARY —From the beginning, impact has always been our North Star. To this we now add the word sustainable . As we look back on 2018, we’re celebrating the many impacts you’ve helped make possible and how they are setting the stage for sustainable, transformative change for generations to come. Together, we have taken an extraordinary journey to get where we are today. From humble beginnings, starting in 1995 with a fight to end child labor, to building our first school in Nicaragua, to developing the WE Villages model to address the root causes of poverty, WE Charity has come a long way. Looking ahead to the upcoming 25th anniversary, we are determined to work together with you to ensure this incredible impact continues into the future. This year WE College opened its doors in Kenya, offering thousands of students the opportunity to pursue post- secondary education. Among the first graduating class are young girls who started their education at WE Villages primary schools and are graduates of the Kisaruni Group of Schools. This is a shining example of lives that have truly been transformed through your support of our work: girls who, instead of facing early marriage and poverty, are

A Message from our Board of Directors HONORING A YEAR OF SUSTAINABLE, TRANSFORMA- TIVE IMPACT, MADE POSSIBLE BY YOUR SUPPORT AND GENEROSITY —On behalf of the WE Charity Board of Di- rectors, we are proud to report that 2018 was another year of growth, innovation and exciting progress. The work that WE Charity does is truly inspired and made possible by the generosity of our partners, champions and supporters. Through your personal, school, family and/ or corporate commitment, WE Charity is continuing to grow our impact, inspire change and make an important difference in the world. Our Board of Directors is comprised of industry leaders, activists and humanitarians who are committed to the ongoing evaluation, auditing, consultation and partnership that is required to evolve and strengthen the organization, ensuring that every dollar you contribute is used with maximum efficiency to deliver the greatest possible im- pact. As a result, WE Charity has been able to maintain a significantly lower than industry standard administration rate. Historically and over the past 10 years, on average 90 cents of every dollar directly go to the projects and programs you support.

leaders and role models paving the way to bright futures for their communities.

We are also dedicated to ensuring that governance of the organization is of the highest caliber and integrity—from the programs WE Charity runs to the relationships and partnerships we build at home and around the world, we are dedicated to ensuring that your support is fueling transformative change. Through this report, we are thrilled to share some of the incredible impacts that you, our donors and partners, en- abled us to bring to life in 2018. We hope you enjoy learning more about all that has been accomplished this past year in the pages that follow. It has truly been a remarkable year. On behalf of our WE Charity Board of Directors, we want to extend our sincerest appreciation to everyone who has been part of our journey.

Closer to home, WE Day Connect is digitizing theWE Day experience to empower more young change-makers than ever with the inspiration and tools to make a difference. And through the upcoming WE Social Entrepreneurship Centre, young leaders will be empowered to launch and scale social enterprises to solve society’s greatest social challenges. We know that when people are given the right tools and resources, they achieve extraordinary things—for them- selves, their communities and around the world. As we look toward the next 25 years, we know that with your help, there’s no limit to the impact we can create, not just now but for generations to come.

Thank you for joining us on our extraordinary journey.

Michelle Douglas Chair, Board of Directors, Canada

Dr. Jonathan White Chair, Board of Directors, U.S.

Craig and Marc Kielburger

/ Letter from our Co-Founder


Annual Report 2018 7

2018 Highlights

A look at some of the impacts you helped make possible this past year

WE DAY CONNECT May 2018 marked the first interactive, online WE Day, with two events that each brought together students and teachers from more than 49 countries to celebrate acts of volunteerism and showcase how local youth, schools and community groups act locally and globally to make a difference. WE WELL-BEING We’re excited to launchWEWell-being, an initiative that empowers people of all ages with the tools to promote their own well-being and that of others. With the support of many people at home, we believe that focusing on this increasingly important issue will create positive change for today’s and tomorrow’s generations. WE WALK FOR WATER We launched our first-ever worldwide fundraiser for water, bringing together students from 2,000 schools in Canada, the U.S. and UK to raise funds and awareness for clean water. WE COLLEGE Breaking ground on WE College was a huge milestone. The school will provide high-quality post-secondary education to learners across Narok County in Kenya over the coming decades, giving thousands of young people the opportunity to pursue meaningful careers.

Clockwise from top left: • WE Day Connect Toronto 2018 • WE Walk For Water 2018 • WE College • WE Well-being

/ 2018 Highlights


Annual Report 2018 9

Our Financial Model

Annual Financials

Our fundraising model reflects our vision for sustainable development and empowering young people, families and communities to make a difference.

2018** (8 months)

2017 (12 months)

Sources of income

90% of donations support our programming

Corporate partners

40.4% $20,088,067

31.5% $20,872,180


25.8% $12,825,076

23% $15,444,177


22.1% $10,964,621

30% $19,884,552

10% of donations go toward our administrative costs


8.5% $ 4,237,100

12% $7,899,197


3.2% $1,593,852

3.5% $2,298,077

Only 10% of donations go toward administrative costs.


100% $49,708,716


*Please note that income includes cash and in-kind donations. All figures are consolidated for WE Charity Canada and USA.

From student-led fundraisers to corporate partnerships, we ensure all contributions are spent effectively and we have an industry-leading standard of financial responsi- bility. Using an asset-based approach, we partner with community members to empower them to lead change, offering a hand up instead of a handout.

Historically and over the past 10 years, on average 90 cents of every dollar directly supports the projects and programs, enabling us to focus on creating sustainable change where it matters most. It is thanks to our unique partnership with ME to WE, our social enterprise, that we can fulfill our mission and empower young people, families and commu- nities around the world.

2018** (8 months)

2017 (12 months)

Expenditure of income*

Domestic projects and education

52.6% $30,470,310

58.5% $38,005,733

International projects and education

34.6% $20,050,638

31.5% $20,630,365

General and administration

12.7% $7,382,644

10% $6,487,685


100% $57,903,592


Imagine Canada works in partnership with other charitable organizations, companies, governments and individuals through programs that help strengthen charities and their operations. Its list of Sector Champions include some of the country’s most prominent charities.

*Please note that income includes cash and in-kind donations. All figures are consolidated for WE Charity Canada and USA. **In 2018, Management and the Board of Directors made the decision to change the fiscal year of WE Charity Canada to a September 1 to August 31 structure to better align with the school year in North America. This change has resulted in this audit being an 8-month audit, from January 1, 2018, to August 31, 2018 (where previous audits were for a 12 month time period). This is particularly relevant when looking at the difference in revenue and expenses compared to previous years.

/ Annual Financials


Annual Report 2018 11


We are proud of our world-class development model and

GOOD HOUSEKEEPING WE Charity is honored to be the first-ever recipient of the Good Housekeeping Humanitarian Seal. Since 1909, the Good Housekeeping Seal has served as a symbol of trust and reliability in a product or service. This new emblem was developed to give consumers the same confidence when choosing to support a charitable organization.

A Unique Partnership with ME to WE

humbled by the award- winning

ME to WE is a social enterprise that provides socially conscious products and experiences that allow people to change the world through their everyday choices. Through our partnership with ME to WE, we are able to achieve a remark- able rate of financial efficiency. ME to WE, in part, is structured to offset WE Charity’s expenses and help provide pro bono service at home and abroad. Half of all ME to WE’s profits are donated to support WE Charity, while the other half is reinvested to grow the mission of the social enterprise. As a Certified B Corporation, ME to WE meets rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability.

MONEYSENSE Each year, MoneySense ranks Canadian charities, big and small, on how efficiently they use their donations, their governance, transparency, fundraising costs and cash reserves. In 2018, WE Charity received an over- all grade of “A”. When donating to WE Charity, donors are able to see exactly where their money goes and the impact that it has.

accomplishments of our organization and team.

Since 2009, ME to WE has donated $20 million in cash and cost offsetting in-kind donations to WE Charity. On average ME to WE donates 50% back to WE Charity. In 2018, they donated 90% of their net profits.

/ Awards


Annual Report 2018 13

Global Impact

Empowering communities to lift themselves and their families out of poverty.

14 2018 Annual Report / Section

Annual Report 2018 15

WE Villages: A proven model of holistic, sustainable development

Key Milestones Reached in 2018



Setting students up for success and on the path to a brighter future

One of the fastest ways to lift a community out of poverty

• 1,500+ classrooms and schools built to date, helping 200,000 students access education • 140 students piloted our computer literacy training program that launched this year in India • 234 girls graduated secondary school from Kisaruni Group of Schools since 2014

• 1 million+ people to date with access to clean water and sanitation programs and facilities • 6,180 people with access to clean water through two new boreholes drilled in Kenya in 2018 alone • 150 water and sanitation education sessions held in 2018 across six communities in Tanzania



Helping families stay healthy and thrive for generations

Fueling growing minds and bright futures

• 15 million+ nutritious meals produced to date by farmers and families with our support • 1,200+ kg of produce harvested though demonstra- tion gardens in Haiti in 2018 • 17,400+ liters of fresh milk produced at Baraka Farm in Kenya in 2018

• $36 million+ in medical supplies provided to date to health facilities serving our partner communities • 130,000+ patients served to date at Baraka Hospital and Kishon Health Centre in Kenya

Your support of WE Charity has the power to transform the lives of not just individuals, but entire communities, empowering them with the tools to break the cycle of poverty.


Empowering parents to earn a sustainable income

• 30,000+ women empowered to date with financial independence • 200+ women empowered through a new Women’s Empowerment Centre in Kenya opened in 2018, which has a computer lab, banking facility, artisan production space and daycare • 664 participants trained in financial literacy and animal husbandry in Haiti in 2018

We know poverty isn’t the result of a single cause: that’s why we created WE Villages, an adaptive, effective five- pillar model built on more than 20 years of experience collaborating with dedicated community members and international development experts. You are part of this incredible story of change as we partner directly with

communities around the world to find solutions that work. This model focuses on creating sustainable, transformative change in partnership with communities, giving them a hand up not a handout. And each of our five Pillars of Impact aligns with one of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

/ Global Impact / WE Villages


Annual Report 2018 17

WE Villages: Where we work

Together with communities and you, we’re creating a global impact with sustainable solutions that empower people to create brighter futures for generations to come.

Rural China





Sierra Leone




Eighty-four WE Villages partner communities in nine countries worldwide: Nicaragua, Haiti, Ecuador, Sierra Leone, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Rural China, India

/ Global Impact / WE Villages: Where we work


Annual Report 2018 19

Spotlight on Sustainability: Keeping the taps on

Meet the communities in Kenya’s Maasai Mara responsible for making their new water project sustainable for the long haul

In spring 2018, drilling commenced and was completed on two boreholes in the communities of Oloirien andMelelo. Community members were ecstatic, as these large-scale water systems provide long-term, sustainable sources of clean water. Every drop will create a ripple effect of change—particularly for women and girls, who previously spent hours walking for water in the drought-prone region. But the impact doesn’t stop there. An empowered group of men and women from Oloirien have formed the Water Management Committee, ensuring the project’s sustain- ability. After supporters like you provide the resources to make a water project as large scale as a borehole possible, it is the committee who keeps the taps on. They instill community ownership and are ultimately responsible for overseeing the health of the project. Ensuring diverse representation from the community, they are the ones who understand their own challenges and how to solve them. The group of elected individuals meet once a week, always on the school grounds at the heart of the project. And as

the school bell rings and students stream into the yard, they are surrounded by the generation who will grow up seeing the committee in action—and drinking clean water. “We are the ones who know the challenges of not having water, so we will make sure this project is well taken care of.” — Judy Toniok, Water Management Committee Assistant Secretary LOCAL ACTION. GLOBAL IMPACTS. Students and families across North America and the UK created a tidal wave of change through the first annual WEWalk For Water event. We are so incredibly grateful to the individuals, schools, groups and partners who participated in and fundraised for our first-ever one-day global fundraiser. Together we are inspired by and empowering communities like Oloirien to break the cycle of poverty.

2018 Annual Report


Spotlight on Education: Kenya

Looking to the future as WE College opens its doors to the next generation of leaders

44 Kisaruni Group of Schools graduates in 2018 234 Kisaruni graduates since 2014 40 students enrolled in WE College for the 2017–2018 year

Education transforms lives. By providing a high-quality post-secondary experience for learners across Narok County, WE College gives young learners a chance to pursue their dreams and change the future of their communities with meaningful careers. Over the coming decades, thousands of young people in this rural region will have the opportunity to break through the barriers to education: among them, graduates from the Kisaruni Group of Schools. WE College curriculum offers the chance for future leaders to pursue a diploma or certificate in: Technical Studies, Public Health, Education, Medicine, Civil Engi- neering or Business and Technology. Each area of study was carefully selected with communities in Kenya in mind, so graduates can pursue meaningful careers and help their home communities thrive. WithWE College, a successful career is possible at home.

Annual Report 2018 23


Mercy grew up in Eor Ewuaso, a Maasai community in Kenya. In a community where priority wasn’t given to girls’ education, going to school wasn’t easy for Mercy—but her mother wanted things to be different for her daughter.

Mercy worked hard to finish primary school, graduating top of her class before earning a scholarship to Kisaruni in 2013. As the eldest child, Mercy wanted to make her family proud. In her Grade 12 year, Mercy learned about WE College, set to open the following year. Fast forward, and Mercy is now a proud student on full scholarship, set to be one of the first to graduate WE College with a diploma in tourismmanagement. Mercy is confident that with her skills and experience from college she will land a

job in tourism locally: allowing her to support her younger siblings and giving her options for her future. Asked for one experience that stands out at WE College, Mercy can’t pick just one. “Every experience has been unexpected, and just when I thought that would be the best, something else would top it!” she exclaims. “Learning French, interning at one of the best tourist hotels in Kenya and learning to drive are in the top.”

Annual Report 2018 25

“What will really stick with me for the rest of my life is the students. They are such an inspiration to me and I can only imagine the great things they will accomplish in their lives. When you think about the ripple effect that that will have, you really start to feel a sense of the scale of what is being accom- plished at WE College.” — Luke Gilgan on WE College, following his family’s experience on the 2018 Graduation Trip in Kenya

/ Global Impact / Donor Spotlight: Gilgan family


Spotlight on Food Security: Ecuador

With your support, through the WE Agricultural Learning Center we’re empowering farmers in Ecuador with the skills and tools to engage in successful farming activities that will increase their productivity and create a sustainable income to improve their household food security.

Food programming and agricultural infrastructure are essential to address the need for food security in Ecuador. That’s why, with your help, we’re expanding our programming to educate farmers in Ecuador with the skills and knowledge to ensure sustainable cacao production: contributing to a generation of empowered farmers who can meaningfully provide for their families. To ensure sustainability in our approach to farming in the Amazon, there are four main areas of impact:

1 Integrating sustainable farming and rainforest conservation, ensuring farmers are learning skills that will maintain the environmental integrity of the Amazon


Creating a living classroom with a variety of diverse crops, providing farmers with the opportunity to practice new techniques that they learn and work with new farming equipment


Promoting biodiversity by encouraging farmers to diversify their crops and experimenting with a wide range of vegetables— sharing learning to empower farmers to grow more nutrition- ally dense foods to benefit the health of their families and the community


Supporting the needs of farmers to better understand the issues they face and how they manage their crops, ensuring our programming meets the needs of farmers

and contributes to productive farming

Annual Report 2018 29

2018 WE Agricultural Learning Center

The WE Agricultural Learning Center is a 170+ acre facility that will empower farmers for years to come to learn modern, sustainable skills to practice on their own farms.

Fermentation area teaches farmers the techniques required to turn cacao beans into chocolate

A two-story structure was completed in 2018 that has workshop spaces for farmers, a museum to teach visi- tors about cacao, an outdoor space offering 360-degree views of the farm, a fully equipped demonstration kitchen and facilities for cacao to be dried and fermented once harvested on the farm. Outdoors, the farm is growing a variety of crops, from fresh fruits and vegetables to herbs and spices like cinnamon, lemongrass, mint and rosemary that will be used in future to flavor chocolate.

40 kg of tilapia

produced to date in the farm’s tilapia ponds

Demonstration farm

1 tonne of cacao, 300+ bananas, 1,300 grapefruit, 3,000 lemons and 5,000 oranges harvested (to name a few!)

/ Global Impact / Spotlight on Food Security: Ecuador


Annual Report 2018 31

Local Impact

Empowering youth at home to be an unstoppable force for good

WE Schools: Igniting a passion for social issues by bringing experiential service-learning to life

2017/2018 Academic Year by the Numbers

annual social value** created globally during the 2017–2018 school year by youth involved in the WE Schools program $265,921,623*

million youth engaged in the WE Schools program globally 4.327

funds raised by WE Schools for local and global causes $14,118,012*

educators engaged in the WE Schools program 37,359

organizations supported by WE Schools participants 5,454


schools and groups globally

meals supported through food collected by WE Schools participants 15,163,433

hours volunteered by WE Schools participants 10,580,243

Inspiring a generation of leaders and change-makers in Canada and the U.S. Educators surveyed after the 2017/2018 Academic Year reported that:

“I truly believe in the work WE does, and I think they are making a huge impact on the world, not only with the services and support they provide, but also with the inspiration and education they provide to young people all over the world to make a difference and change our world for the better. WE creates global citizens.” —Melissa Stockbrugger-Knaus, Teacher, Humboldt, SK

of their students are now more capable of effectively voicing their own opinions 87%

feel that they are better equipped to teach about social justice issues through service-based learning 83%

of their students demonstrate increased leadership among their peers 90%


of their students are more likely to stand up for others who are treated unfairly because of their gender, race,

religion, ability or sexual orientation

**Social value = total money raised for local and global causes + value of food collected + the value of hours volunteered at a standard valuation rate. *All dollar values are reported in USD.

/ Local Impact / WE Schools


Annual Report 2018 35

WE Day: Catalyzing a global movement for change

WE Day Connect

“I knew that once people heard the message, once they knew they could get involved, they’d be inspired too.”

— Donovan Faraoni, Grade 10 Student, Bishop’s College School

In the 2017–2018WE Day season, we launched Get Doing, inspiring thousands of students to get up and get out there to make a difference, just like Donovan Faraoni. After a moving speech at WE Day Ottawa, he immediately went back to his school, Bishop’s College School, to establish their first WE Take Action club to fight racism and pro- mote inclusivity.

From our incredible surprise guests and motivational speakers to our remarkable WE Schools students and honored guests, it was a monumental season to kick-start the school year of doing good. We brought together 219,000 young people, schools and families across Canada, the U.S., UK and Caribbean. Thank you to our sponsors, partners and co-chairs for helping make WE Day possible!


INTRODUCING AN INTERACTIVE, DIGITAL EXPERIENCE THAT BRINGS THE POWER OF WE DAY TO YOUTH AND SCHOOLS GLOBALLY —2018 saw the exciting launch of WE Day Connect with two interactive, online events featuring celebrities and special guests, bringing students and educators from 49 countries together to celebrate acts of volun- teerism and showcase how local youth, schools and community groups act locally and globally to make a difference. In 2019, we look forward to bringing WE Day Connect to even more schools and groups around the world, providing more access to this incredible opportunity to turn classrooms into global celebrations of possibility. Watch WE Day Connect online at “It was awesome to see schools and faces from around the world! You don’t even think about distance anymore.” —Patricia Fowler-Knowles, Educator, C.V. Bethel Senior High School, Bahamas

/ Local Impact / WE Day


WE Social Entrepreneurs: Investing in a socially conscious future

“Social entrepreneurship is the future. The line between business and nonprofit is coming closer and closer together. I think we’ll be really amazed at what young people can do if you just give them the tools to do so and be in the driver’s seat to solve problems, giving them that mindset to take action.”

Paving the way for today’s youth to become tomorrow’s leaders

INVESTING IN A SOCIALLY CONSCIOUS FUTURE Building on our foundation of empowering young people to change the world, WE is excited to be launching WE Social Entrepreneurs (WE SE). A proud partnership with the government of Canada, this will be Canada’s first program dedicated to building social entrepreneurship skills supporting nationwide scaling of social enterprises for young people under the age of 35. With a mission to support young leaders, WE SE builds on the success of WE Are Social Entrepreneurs, a joint WE and RBC Future Launch program, and will be an incubator that applies business solutions to society’s greatest social challenges, making way for a new generation of social entrepreneurs. A VISION FOR INNOVATION: SPECIAL THANKS TO THOR RICHARDSON FOR HIS LANDMARK GIFT Innovative, dedicated and socially conscious—Thor Rich- ardson is a young professional with a mind for business and a heart for global change. He’s also co-creator of the vision behind the new WE Social Entrepreneurs, an idea that first started taking shape on a walk in Ken- ya’s Maasai Mara withWE co-founder Craig Kielburger back in 2017. Belief in the vision that young people are the business builders of the future, and that WE SE can empower youth in Canada to use entrepreneurship for good, were the foundation of Thor’s landmark $1Mpledge to bring this to life. As we head into our 25th Anniversary year, we are excited to unlock the potential of the next generation of young social entrepreneurs to change the world.

—Thor Richardson, entrepreneur and WE champion

/ Local Impact / WE Social Entrepreneurs


Introducing WE Well-being

Erika Elkington’s lasting legacy of believing in people’s inner greatness and that we can all achieve success.

Empowering youth and families with educational tools and resources to promote their own positive well-being and the well-being of their community

A VERY SPECIAL THANKS TOOUR FOUNDING PARTNERS, THE ERIKA LEGACY FOUNDATION AND THE ELKINGTON FAMILY, FOR THEIR CRITICAL ROLE IN INSPIRING AND SUPPORTING WE WELL-BEING —Erika took on many challenges and was always learning. She spoke multiple languages and had seen much of the world by the age of 26. She had a Bach- elor of Education, a Certified Human Resources Profes- sional designation, graduated from the Sauder School of Business and earned an MBA. With her love of business and entrepreneurship, combined with her passion for teaching, Erika focused on helping women in the work- place, youth and start-up businesses succeed. Erika was determined to push herself and find her greatness. That greatness, she believed, was found in being loving, caring and inspiring to others.

Erika, 29, died by suicide on August 6, 2015; she was one month away from celebrating her 30th birthday. To honor Erika, family and close friends created The Erika Legacy Foundation in 2016. The mission of the foundation serves to honor Erika by: • Taking innovative approaches to prevent what happened to her from happening to other people • Investing in research into the science behind suicide and mental health • Promoting entrepreneurship and leadership The Erika Legacy Foundation strives to build safer and inspired communities by partnering with charita- ble organizations that capture the spirit of what Erika believed in.

There is a proven need to empower educators and youth with well-being promotion and supports. Healthy emotion- al and social development in early years lays the foundation for mental health and resilience throughout life. Withmore than 23 years of programming empowering youth and educators, and more than 16,000 schools and groups par- ticipating inWE Schools programs in North America and the UK, we are uniquely positioned to bring the resources our educators are seeking to help them integrate well- being into the classroom. That’s why the WE Well-being programwas launched in 2018: a proactive approach built on evidence-based prevention and promotion strategies, designed to build a foundation of awareness, understanding and everyday actions.

Developed in collaboration with leading mental health professionals and with the support of our founding part- ner, the Erika Legacy Foundation, the program’s goal is to achieve the following transformative outcomes: • Promoting positive, inclusive, safe and caring envi- ronments and relationships • Reducing stigma, celebrating diversity and fostering resiliency • Increasing social, emotional, physical and mental well-being

LOOKING FORWARD TO THE FUTURE 2018 was just the beginning. Launched as a pilot project, WE Well-being will continue to expand to provide further resources and capacity-building opportunities, including workshops, speaking tours and youth conferences. With more than 200,000 students and teachers reached through WE programs and WE Day events each year, imagine the possibilities.

/ Local Impact / WE Well-being


Annual Report 2018 41

Without you, nothing we do would be possible

We are deeply grateful to the individuals and organizations listed in the following pages for their dedicated support.

Extending a sincere thank you to our valued supporters: our incredible Board

of Directors, WE Day Co-Chairs, partners, sponsors and donors

Annual Report 2018 43

2018 Board of Directors

2018 WE Day Co-Chairs





James Villeneuve Former Consul General of Canada to Los Angeles AndrewWilliams Chief Executive Officer, DHL Express Canada

Ken Power Regional Vice President, Atlantic Canada, TELUS

Michelle Douglas — Chair Director, International Relations, Department of Justice Canada

David Aisenstat Chairman, Chief Executive Officer & President, Keg Restaurants Ltd.

Dr. Jonathan White — Chair Director, Bentley Service-Learning Center; Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, Bentley University

Lord Rumi Verjee — Chair Founder, The Rumi Foundation

Doug Reid, FCPA, FCA Atlantic Managing Partner, KPMG

Craig Burkinshaw Co-Founder, Audley Travel

Kannan Arasaratnam Managing Director, FTI Consulting

Craig Burkinshaw Co-Founder, Audley Travel


Dr. Brenda Cassellius Minnesota Commissioner of Education

Michael Comish Entrepreneur in Residence, TPG


Chris Besse CEO, EdgeMakers

Dave I. McKay President and Chief Executive Officer, Royal Bank of Canada Hartley Richardson President and Chief Executive Officer, James Richardson & Sons Ltd.

Stephanie Argyros President & Chief Executive Officer, Argyros Group Patricia Arvielo President, Chief Executive Officer, New American Funding Jeff Skoll Founder & Chairman, The Skoll Foundation & Participant Media

Stanley Hainsworth Founder and COO, Tether

Jane Francisco Editorial Director, Hearst Lifestyle Group

Pauline Latham Member of Parliament for Mid-Derbyshire

Gerry Connelly Adjunct Professor, York University; Director of Education, TDSB (retired)

Terry Mazany President and CEO, The Chicago Community Trust (retired)

Steve Robinson & Janet Crown Chief Executive Officer, Zilliance & Officer LAPD/Hawthorne PD Founder/Chief Executive Officer, Burn 60 Studios

Carlos Pinto Global Head of Corporate Development, Royal Bank of Canada

Mary-Eileen Donovan Superintendent of Education, TCDSB (retired)


Tawfiq Rangwala Partner, Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy

Neil Roskilly CEO, Independent Schools Association

Thomas J. Wilson Chairman, President & Chief Executive Officer, Allstate

Eric Morrison Former President, The Canadian Press

Chief Perry Bellegarde National Chief, Assembly of First Nations

Stephanie Swedlove Independent Producer

Brett and Miranda Tollman Chief Executive Officer, The Travel Corporation

Meigan Terry Senior Vice President of Global Communications, Scotiabank

Mark Dervishian Chief Operating Officer, Ardene

GrahamMoysey CEO, Canadian Operations, IPG MediaBrands


Dr. Shelley White Program Director, Master of Public Health; Assistant Professor, Public Health and Sociology, Simmons College


Leon Draisaitl Player, Edmonton Oilers

Darren Entwistle President and Chief Executive Officer, TELUS

Arne Duncan Managing Partner, Emerson Collective & Former U.S. Secretary of Education Alex Gourlay Co-Chief Operating Officer, Walgreens Boots Alliance Linda Imonti National Partner in Charge, Advisory Office Leaders & Chicago Advisory Office Leader, KPMG LLP Thomas J. Wilson Chairman, President & Chief Executive Officer, Allstate

Bill & Sabrina Elkington Chief Executive Officer, JV Driver

Nelly Furtado Canadian Singer/Songwriter

Rob Geremia President, Boardwalk Real Estate Investment Trust Ed Sims President & Chief Executive Officer, WestJet

Jeffrey Latimer President, Jeffrey Latimer Entertainment

Elio Luongo Chief Executive Officer, KPMG Canada

The Honorable David C. Onley Former Lieutenant Governor of Ontario


Sean and Crystal Murray President & Chief Executive Officer, Advocate Printing & Publishing Creative Director Media Operations, Advocate Printing & Publishing

Bill Thomas Chairman Elect, KPMG International & Chair, KPMG’s Americas Region, KPMG

Jennifer Tory Chief Administrative Officer, Royal Bank of Canada

/ Thank You / Board of Directors


Annual Report 2018 45

2018 Outstanding Partners and Donors



Russell Wilson & Ciara Quarterback, Seattle Seahawks Singer, Songwriter, Record Producer & Actress

Mark Chipman Chairman, True North Sports Ltd.

Ornella Barra Co-Chief Operating Officer, Walgreens Boots Alliance Lynne Doughtie Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, KPMG US Carolyn Everson Vice President, Global Marketing Solutions, Facebook

Hartley Richardson President & Chief Executive Officer, James Richardson & Sons Ltd.


Jan Miller & Jeff Rich Founder, Dupree, Miller & Associates Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder, Plumtree Partners Pat and Emmitt Smith Founder, Pat & Emmitt Smith Charities Hall of Fame Running Back and Former Dallas Cowboy Matthew and Jessica Upchurch Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Virtuoso Ambassador of Sustainability & Advisory Board, Virtuoso

30 Elephants 60 Million Girls Foundation

Aspen Properties Ltd. The Asper Family Baby Girl Project Inc. Ballmer Family Foundation The Banks Family Barbara Beatty and Elizabeth Huntsman Barbara Hoskins

Brian and Veronica Grazer Brian Murphy The Brinson Foundation Brita Canada Brooke N. Wade Charitable Foundation Brookfield Asset Management Inc. Build-A-Bear Workshop Foundation Cadillac Fairview Corp. The Caldwell Family Foundation Calgary Flames Hockey Club Call It Spring Canad Inns Canadian Living Canadian School Boards Association Canucks Sports & Entertainment Cardinal Glennon Hospital Carole Ito

Bob Silver President, Western Glove Works

7-Eleven Canada Aaron Fornwald The Abboud Family Accenture ACCO Brands Canada Achievers


Dean & Hutton Phillips Congressman, Minnesota’s 3rd Congressional District

Dean Phillips Congressman, Minnesota’s 3rd Congressional District

The Barnello Family The Barnes Family The Barry and Laurie Green Charitable Trust Barton Family Foundation Battat Co. Baylis Medical Company The Beck Family Beck Taxi Berges Family Foundation Bill and Lorraine McDonald



Adventure Learning Experiences Advocate Printing & Publishing Aegis Living

David Bensadoun and Isabelle Poirier President, ALDO Global Retail

Lorne Segal President, Kingswood Capital Manage- ment

Paul Desmarais III Senior Vice President, Power Financial & Power Corporation Catherine Turner Entrepreneur and Philanthropist, Young Presidents’ Organization Marjolaine Hudon Regional President, Ontario North & East, RBC Patrick Mullins Chief Executive Officer, Silver Maple Developments Jeff York Chief Executive Officer & President, Farm Boy Inc. WE DAY OTTAWA


African Travel Albert El Tassi ALDO


Kris Depencier Vice President, Personal Lending & Commercial Strategies, RBC

Della & Stuart McLaughlin Grouse Mountain Resorts

Aleen Keshishian Alexandra Weston Algonquin College The Alibhai Family Allan Bush The Allstate Foundation Allstate Insurance Compan

Scott Menke Chief Executive Officer, Paragon Gaming & Parq Dr. Djavad Mowafaghian Founder, The Djavad Mowafaghian Foundation Shafin Diamond Tejani Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Victory Square Technologies


Erica Ehm CEO and Creative Director, YMC and Jon Levy Chief Merchant, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Mastermind

Bill and Barbara Howe Bill and Pamela Hess Bill Beakey The BlueSky Properties Foundation BMO Financial Grouap Boardwalk Rental Communities Bob Bose Bocholt Foundation Bogani Family Coalition Bond Brand Loyalty The Borger Family Bosa Properties Boston Pizza The Bozdog Family The Bradley Family Foundation Brenda and Steve Sherwood Brent, Sara, Carley and Jason Moore Brett and Susanne Conrad The Bretz Family Brian and Tina Williams

Caroline & Giovanni Rossi Castlepoint Investments Catherine and Peter Cordy Foundation Catherine Turner Cathy Plewes Chartwells Chicago Community Trust Chip and Shannon Wilson Chris and Tania Carnegie Chris Flanagan Christina Campeau Christopher and Julie Prentice The Church Family CIBC Foundation Cineplex Entertainment The Chen Family CHG Healthcare

The Alsikafi Family The Althoff Family The Altilia Family Alture Properties Andrew Peller Ltd. The Angelone Family



Dr. Holly Branson Co-Chair, Virgin Management, Virgin Unite & Big Change Charitable Trust

Ashton & Adair Newhall Managing General Partners, Greenspring Associates


Kees Kruythoff President Home Care, Unilever

Anton and Ilana Rabie Charitable Fund at the Jewish Foundation of Greater Toronto Aon The Appleton-Benko Family ApplyBoard Archangel Academy

Judson and Laura Althoff Executive Vice-President, Worldwide Commercial Business, Microsoft


Lord Rumi Verjee Founder, The Rumi Foundation

Wendy and Kris Sirchio WE Ambassadors and Founders of WE Day Community

Pete Carroll Head Coach, Seattle Seahawks


Jolene McCaw Founder, Jolene McCaw Family Foundation

Argentem Creek Partners Argyros Family Foundation Artbound The Arvielo Family Ashley and Lynn Webster

Jennifer and Tom Hillman WE Ambassadors and Founders of WE Day Community | St. Louis

Cisco Systems Inc. City National Bank Clearly

/ Thank You / 2018 WE Day Co-Chairs


Annual Report 2018 47

Government of Nova Scotia, Department of Education and Early Childhood Development Government of Ontario, Ministry for Seniors and Accessibility Government of Ontario, Ministry of Education Government of Ontario, Ministry of Finance Governor Gavin Newsom GRACE by Catherine Sullivan Graeme Ross Great Escape Foundation Greg Christie Grosvenor Americas Grosvenor Capital Management The Guatto Family H20 For Life Halifax Regional Municipality Hamilton Community Foundation The Hanlon Family Hartley Richardson and Family The Hartwig Family HBI Canada Heather Baker Heather Skoll and Ken Alexander Heidi and Rennie Balciunas Henkel Herrendorf Family Foundation Hershey’s The Hillman Family Hilton Niagara Falls / Fallsview Hotel and Suites Hok Shing Tang Holt Renfrew The Hopper-Dean Family Horseshoe Resort The Housenbold Family Howard Sokolowski and Linda Frum HUB International Hudson Youth Leadership Academy Hudson’s Bay Hunter Davis Imagine Educating Everyone imagine1day In Memory of Shelagh Donovan

The Ina Kay Foundation Indigo Love of Reading Foundation IPG Mediabrands iQmetrix Iris Nicholaichuk Irv Kessler ITI Financial Ivey Executive MBA Class The J.W. McConnell Family Foundation James A. Burton and Family Foundation James and Veronica Michels James Creeggan James Richardson & Sons Ltd. and Affili- ated Companies James S McDonnell Family Foundation Janet Snowden

The Joseph Segal Family Foundation Joshua Robers Judy and Gary Edwards

Cliff Avril Family Foundation The Cohen Family Cole Canteenwalla College Board International Compassionate Eye Foundation Contiki Corey and Jennifer Mulloy The Coslet Family Cowan Foundation Craig and Becky Kreeger Craig Burkinshaw and Joanne Le Bon Crown Family Philanthropies cuddle + kind Dan Monaghan Dany & Joe Battat Darrah & Co Daughters for Life Foundation David Aisenstat David Aplin Group David Baum and Associates David Bensadoun David Fischer Deep Khosla Delta Airlines Delta Bessborough Dennis and Phyllis Washington Foun- dation Department of Canadian Heritage, Youth Take Charge The Desmarais Family The Deubler Family DHL Canada DHL US Djavad Mowafaghian Foundation The Dobbins Family DocuSign Cori and Tony Bates Coril Holdings Ltd. David Paul David Pauli DAVIDsTEA Dayle Haddon

The Donovan Family Dow The Downing Street Group Dr. Pradeep and Anita Merchant The Dudtschak Family The Duncan Family Dwight Stuart Youth Fund Ed Robertson and Family Edmonton Oilers Group The Edward J. Phillips Family Foundation EF Education First Egg Farmers of Canada Emerson Electric Employment and Social Development Canada Eric Thompson Erica Rogers and Family Erica Shuttleworth Fund The Erika Legacy Foundation The Eshghi Family Eva and Yoel Haller The Everson Family Exelon Corporation Expedia Experian Face of Today Foundation Facebook Fancy Hill Foundation Farm Boy Inc. The Felesky Family The Feltch Family Fengate Real Asset Investments Dolores and Fillippo Franco The Flomen Family Fondation René Malo Ford Motor Company of Canada Forum Equity Partners Inc.

FTC Japan The Gadbois Family Gail Asper / Canadian Museum for Human Rights Gail Asper Family Foundation Garry Zlotnik Gary E. Milgard Family Foundation

Judy Brent Just Water Kardinal Offishall

Kasondra Cohen-Herrendorf Kathy Karn & Michael Pearce Katie Murray Keeley Companies The Keg Spirit Foundation The Keg Steakhouse + Bar Kernels Kerry Adler Kestenberg Rabinowicz & Partners LLP

Gavin Tollman GE Volunteers General Mills Canada Geoff Beattie

George and Julia Argyros George and Lois Whetham George Family Foundation

George Lucas Family Foundation The Gerarld Schwartz & Heather Reisman Foundation The Ghorbani Family The Gilgan Family Glenn and Mindy Stearns Global Change for Children Society Global Freedom Foundation GMP Capital Trust The Goldberg Cabrera Family The Goldberry Family Goldman Sachs Good Housekeeping GoodLife Fitness Gordon and Ruth Gooder Charitable Foundation The Gordon Family The Gouinlock Family Government of Alberta, Alberta Education Government of British Columbia,

Janine and Troy Maxwell Jasdeep and Shaleen Saluja Jason and Ann Green Jason and Rebecca Bond Jason Saul Jeff and Joanne York Jeff Element Jeff Skoll Jennifer Nickerson Jennifer Siebel Newsom

The Khoorshed Family Kimm and Vince Paglia The Kimsa Family The Klamar Family KLICK Inc. The Knutsson Family The Kotick Family KPMG LLP

The Kranzberg Family Krista and Steve Barban The Krysko Family The Kurylowicz Family The Kurz Family Foundation Larry and Janet Anderson Latif Fazel The Latimer Family Laurence Metrick The Lawson Family Leanne Davies Lee Segal The LeGresley Family Foundation The Leigh and Tyler Nottberg Family Foundation Leo Burnett The Levine Family The Lieff Family Lilly Singh Linda Schuyler and Stephen Stohn

Jennifer Tory Jenny Fortner Jeunesse Kids Jim and Valerie Milostan Jim Gordon, The Edgewater Funds Jim Gray Jim Steele and Kathryn Delory Jochen Tilk and Denise Belman John and Nancy Sabol Foundation John and Claire Nicola Johnson & Johnson Jolene McCaw Family Foundation Jon and Anne Maxim Jonathon D. Fischer Foundation Jonathon Fischer and Christine Avan- ti-Fischer Jos Schmitt and Tanya Hagen Joseph Drown Foundation

Ministry of Education Government of Canada, Canadian Heritage

Government of Canada, Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Government of Manitoba, Department of Education and Advanced Learning

Fossil Foundation Foundation Source Freshii Friends In Memory of James Skehan

Government of Nova Scotia, Department of Finance and Treasury Board

Don and Debbie Morrison Donnelly Automotive Group

Friends of Iqbal The Frink Family

48 2018 Annual Report / Section

/ Thank You / 2018 Outstanding Partners and Donors

Annual Report 2018 49

Lipservice Lisa Kelly

Mary Morneau-Smith Mary Pembroke Perlin

The NFL Foundation Nicola Wealth Management Private Giving Foundation The Nistas Family Norcliffe Foundation Nordstrom The Novakovic Family Nutrien O2E Brands Oath The O’Brien Family Odlum Brown Otto Bremer Trust The Overly Family PacSun Paladin Technologies Pam Lester Pamela and David Richardson and Family Parq Vancouver Participant Media Pattison Onestop Paul and Leah Atkinson PC Crown The Peller Family Perennial/DCM Pete & Glena Carroll Family Fund Peter Cheung Peter Cordy The Peter Gilgan Foundation PG&E The Picao Family Pinball Clemons Foundation Pizzaville The Pleasant Family Pledge to Humanity Pollock Family Foundation Power Corporation of Canada President’s Choice Children’s Charity The Priebe Family Foundation The Priestner Family The Ojala Family Ottawa Senators Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group

Prince’s Charities Canada Pritzker Traubert Family Foundation Project Jenga Project Life Mastery Proskauer Rose LLP The Rabie Family The Rai Family The Rasmussen Family Raymond James Foundation RBC Foundation RBC Insurance RBC Royal Bank The Reid Family Renetta Caya Richa and Atul Aggarwal Richard Bonaventura The Richard Family The Richardson Foundation Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers Riyaz Devji Rob Dixon and Mariam Azimi Robert R. McCormick Foundation Roberto Geremia Rochelle and Bjorn Moller The Rothney Family The Rotman Family The Rousseau Family Rubbermaid Canada The Rubino Family Rumble and Roar The Rumi Foundation Run for Water Ryan Construction The Ryan Family Ryerson University The Sandberg-Goldberg Family Sandeep Lal Rodan & Fields LLC The Romano Family Ron Mannix Rosa Del Campo

The Saputo Family Sara Gray Sarah Barton Satish Rai Schwab Charitable Fund The Schwartz Family Scotiabank Arena The Scudamore Family Sean Jones and Family

Stephanie Argyros Stephanie Pace Marshall Stephanie Swedlove Steve and Nadine Meehan

The Little Family LIUNA Local 183 LiveKuna Lloyd A. Fry Foundation

Marylou Brannan Mastermind Toys Mattamy Homes Matthew Clark Maxine Clark McIntosh Perry The McKay Family The McLaughlin Family ME to WE Social Enterprises The Mele Family The Merrifield Family Messagepoint The Meyerowitz Family Michael and Diane Clemons Michael and Karen Stone Family Foun- dation Michael Girgis and Family Microsoft The Miller Family Miller Thomson LLP

Steve Robinson and Janet Crown The Stevenson-Allgood Family Stifel Bank The Stillman Family Foundation The Stone Family Susanne Boyce and Brendan Mullen The Symmonds Family T. Rowe Price Foundation Tali’ah Aquilini and Family TD Bank Teck Resources Limited Teekay Corporation TELUS Terence & Svea McKillen Foundation Terri and Kristie Mah Tether THE One Thomas and Lynn Ross The Thomas Family Thor Richardson TMX Shorecan The Tollman Family TomWilson Tony and Laura Davis Toronto Real Estate Rumble Trafalgar Travel The Treadright Foundation Tree of Life TriAxis Tridel Troy Arntsen True North Sports + Entertainment Limited Tsvet Tsokov Tucker and Susan York Two Pharmacy Ty and Debbie Jenkins Under Armour Unilever Unilever Canada

Loblaw Companies Limited Lois Scott and David May London Drugs Longo Brothers Fruit Markets Inc. Longo’s Family Charitable Foundation Lord Elgin Hotel Ottawa Lord Rumi Verjee Lori Kennedy Lorne Segal and Family Los Angeles Clippers Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation Los Angeles Lakers Youth Foundation Louis Trepel and W.T. Grogan Lysa Lash and Mark Hornstein Mad4Maddie The Madon Family Magic Johnson The Mallet Family The Malo Family Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment Marcel and Carleen Greaux Margarida & Steve Macdonell Marie-Claude Blais Maritz Mark and Allison Pitts Mark and Donna McMaster Mark and Sarah Wellings Mark Verwey Martha Carnegie Martin Family Initiative Marty and Michelle Weinberg and Family Mary Anna Noveck Los Angeles Rams The Losani Family Losani Homes Lou and Linda Petrash

Seattle Foundation Seattle Seahawks Seattle Storm Seema and Ajit Gupta Fund Segal Family Foundation The Seiler Family Selen Alpay Sequoia The Sharkey Family The Shayam Kaushal Foundation Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre Shirley Willis & Lauren Morrison Siemens Canada Sigma Systems Canada Inc. The Silver Family Silver Jeans Co. Simon & Barbara Smith Simone Lumsden The Sirchio Family Skoll Foundation The Slaight Family Foundation SLO Foundation SMART Technologies ULC Smucker Foods of Canada Corp. The Solo Family Spin Master Ltd. Sprott Foundation St. Louis Community Foundation Staples Starbucks Coffee Company Starwood Hotels and Resorts Stephanie and Jeremy Thompson Sheraton Centre Montreal Sheraton Centre Toronto Sheraton Chicago O’Hare

Minneapolis Foundation Minnesota Department of Education Minnetonka Moccassin Miss Teenage Canada Mission Measurement MLSE Foundation Mona and Nav Aggarwal The Morose Family The Mullins Family Multi-Material Stewardship Manitoba Murray and Joan Young The Murray Family The Myhrvold Family The Narayen Family Nathalie and Glenn Marr National Speakers Bureau Neil Taylor Nelly Furtado Nelson

The Sandell Family Sanjay Ghemawat

The Newhall Family The Newsom Family

50 2018 Annual Report / Section

/ Thank You / 2018 Outstanding Partners and Donors

Annual Report 2018 51

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