Centra: How To Avoid Common Active Injuries

Safely Perform Front Raises!

Weight training offers a variety of muscular benefits. Dumbbell front raises target your the front or anterior regionof the shoulders or deltoids and are commonly incorporated in an upper body weight training workout. Perform front raises two or three days per week with at least a day of rest between sessions to allow your muscles to adequately recover. Dumbbell front raises develop your anterior (frontal) shoulder muscles. Depending on your training volume, completing front raises can result in an increase in your shoulder muscular size or strength. Front raises are an isolation exercise, meaning they Do you have pain while reaching or bending? If you are not moving like you once were, please don’t hesitate to come in for a check up and get back on track to feeling great again. Call the clinic nearest you today!

require movement around only one joint. As a result, it’s an effective exercise for targeting a small number ofmuscles. Unlike when using front raises on a machine, completing front raises with dumbbells and while standing requires your core muscles to contract to keep you on balance. Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, a dumbbell in each hand, palms facing the fronts of your thighs. Keeping core tight and arms straight and in front of you, raiseweights to shoulder height, palms facing the ground. Pause for 1 second. Slowly return to start for 1 rep.



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