Debrief - Advance Innovation Management

Innovation management is a systematic approach to foster innovation and creativity in the organization. Innovation is all about creating value and higher productivity to boost business. It can take many forms like improvement of business processes, products, designs and many more. Organizations need to cultivate a climate of creativity in their teams and enhance the level of innovation in the organization. Debrief - advance innovation management

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Debrief – advance innovation management


Something that already exists and we need to explore it


Something that is created and did not exist previously


Improvement to discoveries and inventions made


Energy used for any discovery, invention, or innovation


TYPES OF INNOVATION For the purpose of business,innovation is simply having a new idea or taking an idea that already exists and streamlining it to make it work better.An innovationmay be incremental or radical and revolutionary. Either type of the innovation is important for any organization as it helps in creating the new market or sustaining the already existing market. STAGES IN INNOVATION Forming – Question to clear ambiguity, problem statement Storming – Brainstorming, ideas generation, most important stage Norming – Assumptions gets created, most dangerous stage Performing – Question the validity of each decision


Creates new market



Sustains existing market

INNOVATION AND ECONOMY MATRIX In the uncertain economy where there are cycles of boom or recession, the innovation becomes the key for any organization.The innovation and economy matrix studies how the market share of any organization gets impacted depending upon the type of innovation done by it in the economic condition of boom or recession.




Maximum growth Market domination


Minor growth

No result

Debrief – advance innovation management

OUTCOMES OF INNOVATION The organizations need to understand that the outcomes of every innovation are different and it shouldn’t expect the innovation to be a 100% success in the first time. The innovation team needs to constantly make changes/improvements to the product or the process.



Partial success

100% Success

Continuous innovation

Not possible

HUMAN BRAIN Our brain, like the rest of our anatomy, is made up of two halves, a left brain and a right brain. The right brain represents the feminine attribute of the mind - creativity, imagination and intuition while the left is the masculine, logical and intellectual aspect which analyzes everything.



Quality + Safety Cost Profit Effort + Time


Feel good Improve quality of life De-stress




Improve quality of life index New methods for transforming social life

Big Picture






Incremental innovation



In case of innovation, ideas get generated in the right brain because it is the creative side of the brain. All the innovative ideas are result of right brain activity.Once the idea gets generated in the right brain it is important for the person to move to the left brain.The left brain is the logical side of the brain so it helps in implementing the idea generated.Thus, in the process of innovation the use of left and right side of brain is equally important.

CREATIVE MIND For innovation, it is important for the person to move away from the sub conscious state of mind towards the unconscious state. If the person keeps on operating in sub conscious state of mind then he won’t be able to generate any idea because this state of mind doesn’t have the capacity to think something new. For creation of new ideas it becomes necessary for the person to switch to the unconscious mind. Once the ideas are generated the movement from unconscious state to conscious state is required.The ideas generated by unconscious mind are implemented by the conscious state of mind.

Move from unconscious to conscious


Generate idea

If operate here then can’t innovate

Implement on idea generated

Debrief – advance innovation management

INNOVATION PROCESS Innovation is the lifeblood of all organizations and provides its immense value in allowing organizations to stay competitive in ever changing global markets. However, the challenge to effectively manage innovation has never been greater. To meet the challenge head on, organization needs to rely on robust processes in order to manage the entire lifecycle of innovation effectively.

Need Problem statement Brainstorming (45-60 min) Identify best alternative Define result Plan Implement Proto

Objectives for innovation Diverse group

Breakthrough Incremental


There are certain techniques which might be helpful to enhance creativity and boost innovation. Some of them are designed to produce creative ideas, whereas others are designed to get a good overview, understanding of the problem itself and possible ways of arriving at solutions. Following are some of the techniques: Brainstorming Brainstorming process should come from as wide a range of disciplines as possible.This brings a broad range of experience and brings in more creativity.


Minimum 8 to 12 people with diverse backgrounds Once a week in a project/cross-functional team; 1-2 times a month in normal team Minimum 1 hour,first 15-20 ideas are very fast (inside the box thinking),then a short struggle,then quality ideas come out (out of the box thinking) Not at workplace,conference room,avoid disturbance Everybody must participate and it is perfectly ok to build on other’s ideas Each one can talk;team building;helps to open up the mind After lunch,afternoon


Ideal time




Positive outcome

Use images, symbols, codes, and dimensions throughout your mind map Select key words and write them in various groupings, branches or areas The central lines are thicker and flowing, becoming thinner as they radiate out from center Use multiple colours throughout the Mind map, for visual stimulation and also to encode or group

Mind map Mind mapping is a powerful tool to visualize a certain project,problem or any other situation in life. Therefore, one can use it for anything wherein visualization might be helpful. Proceedings: Start in the center by writing the problem statement

Debrief – advance innovation management

Fishbone Fishbone is a problem orientated root cause analysis which is used to define all parts of a problem. Start with the problem, which is the head of the fish, and then ask “Why is there a problem?” All answers to this question are then the bones of the fish.

When facing a problem or confusion, one should start asking questions 1.Who? 2.Where? 3.When? 4.What? 5.Why? 6. How?

Give questions, no solutions to subordinates, enable them to solve problems themselves. Who asks questions is in power, who gives answers or solutions is not.

Problem 2

Problem 1


Problem 4

Problem 3

Concept of DO IT DO IT is an acronym for a problem circle.

Define the problem carefully to make sure you are solving the real problem and to help engage your unconscious and conscious minds to the problem Open yourself to consider many diverse solution ideas. Delay judgment on ideas generated until the Identify step



Identify the best solution to your problem and modify it until you are ready to transform your idea into action



Transform your solution idea into action


TRIZ is a problem solving methodology based on logic, data and research,not intuition.It draws on the past knowledge and ingenuity of many thousands of engineers to accelerate the project team's ability to solve problems creatively. TRIZ provides creative phases of innovation with knowledge based systematic support.

TRIZ general problem

TRIZ specific solution

Your specific problem

Your specific solution

Debrief – advance innovation management


Insights from the game“Creativity Cards” • Characteristics of innovators

Excellent relationship



Patience and perseverance


Don’t give up

Risk taker


Domain expert

Different perspective

Out of box thinking


Do what you fear the most

Self convinced


Insights from the simulation“Pyramid Game” • Understand the problem and define it properly • Define objectives and tasks • Focus on objectives • Communicate continuously with others for finding the solution Insights from“Planet and Strategy Game” • Understand the team behavior in approaching a problem • Learn to brainstorm to find various innovative and creative ideas • Choose the best alternative to deal effectively with the problem Insights from the multimedia“Inspiring Innovation” • Connect innovation effort’s to organization’s vision and strategy • Generate and nurture creativity at every level • Lead organization’s strategy to drive the innovation process

• Characteristics of creative people and processes • Different techniques of innovation • Significance of innovation at personal and organizational levels • Steps in effective innovation process KEY TAKEAWAYS FROM THE PROGRAM

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