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• Penetrates and fuses with concrete—finish will never peel or lose adhesion • Water repellent—passes ASTM testing for wind-driven rain • Mineral finish is extremely vapor permeable—concrete “breathes” and stays drier • Absolutely lightfast pigments combine with U.V. stable binder—colors won’t fade or lose brilliance • Very eco friendly—extremely low VOC and no added pesticides or solvents • Completely noncombustible—mineral finishes won’t burn, add fuel or noxious smoke in case of fire • Mineral surface radiates sunlight—surfaces stay cooler • Natural alkaline pH and fast drying nature hinders mold, algae and fungal growth without added pesticides • Does not develop a static charge—surfaces won’t attract dirt and washes clean with rainfall • Two-coat system on new concrete—no primer needed • Concretal Pro is born of the same raw materials as concrete—mineral matte finish looks completely natural and never “painted” • Can be applied on fresh or “hot” concrete— tolerates pH up to 13 • Available in three textures—textures from quartz additives that become part of the mineral surface and won’t come out of the dried finish

CONCRETAL ® PRO is a ready-to-apply potassium silicate based coating for exterior and interior concrete surfaces. It penetrates and forms permanent chemical bonds within concrete and is a very breathable finish. Concretal Pro is water repellent and contains lightfast and inorganic mineral pigments and fillers so it will never fade or lose color intensity. It is highly alkali and efflorescence resistant and can be applied to concrete surfaces with a pH of 6—13. Concretal Pro will outlast conventional acrylic paints and elastomeric finishes by decades and is extremely economical over its lifecycle.

CONCRETAL ® PROhas a tenacious affinity for concrete -- beingmade of mostly the same ingredtients. And the mineral -- matte finish never looks “painted” or artificial, leaving the concrete’s natural apprearance in tact.

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