Washington Rehab. Is It Back Pain or Sciatica?


or Megan’s friendly smiles at the front desk, cookie Fridays, the knowledgeable therapy staff, or just a fresh cup of coffee; we want you to have a positive experience with PT. Better yet… Take a page out of this patient’s book and bring your own pie to share! It’s always easy to exercise when you get a bite of pie and sip of coffee after each exercise!! Don’t let anyone ever tell you that therapy can’t be fun! Who Says Physical Therapy Can’t Be Fun?

Let’s be honest for a minute… If you need Physical Therapy that probably means you are in pain. Or perhaps you can’t do things like exercise, walk the dog, or even sleeping through the night. Our job as Physical Therapists is to help you get back to normal and back to doing all the things you love. However, that often involves hard work, dedication, motivation, and even some discomfort. Here at WAPT, we do everything we can to make your PT experience helpful, motivational, productive, and fun. We know that you are working hard, and that is not always easy, so we try to make your visit as enjoyable as possible. Whether it’s Tami


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