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How to Celebrate These Nerdy Holidays

CELEBRATING STAR WARS DAY The scrolling introductions accompanied by John Williams’ soaring score; the hums and beeps of droids; the electric clash of lightsabers between Sith and Jedi; the Force — May 4 is the day to celebrate it all with the films, TV spinoffs, books, comics, and toys. The galaxy far, far away has invaded Earth, and its popularity shows no signs of slowing down. It all started with the pun “May the fourth be with you.” From then on, just as Luke Skywalker was destined to become a Jedi Master, this day was destined to be all about George Lucas’ beloved creation. You could just watch the movies on May 4, but anyone can do that. Really showcase your passion by getting a group together and dress up as your favorite characters. Make some themed drinks, like a “Hoth” toddy or Qui-Gon Jinn and tonic. Jam out to that catchy Cantina bop. Debate your fan theories with friends and remember that you’re there to celebrate, even if the discussion about “The Last Jedi” gets a little heated. Whether you make it up as you go like Han Solo or carefully plan like Emperor Palpatine, there are enough festivities to fill a Star Destroyer. So, attention all space nerds, “Star Wars” fanatics, and comic book geeks: May 3–4 is your weekend. Get together with your friends and maybe make some new ones as you celebrate the passions that bring you all together.

The first weekend of May is the perfect weekend for nerds everywhere. If you know comics aren’t just for kids, rant and rave about “Star Wars” every chance you get, or have a passion for physics that goes beyond the classroom, congratulations! There’s a whole weekend just for you. The stars have aligned, and you can let your inner nerd shine on May 3–4 while you celebrate International Space Day, Free Comic Book Day, and Star Wars Day. There are plenty of ways to enjoy these holidays, so take part in the festivities and ensure the weekend is as action packed as a starship battle in a galaxy far, far away. CELEBRATING INTERNATIONAL SPACE DAY Space Day is exactly what it sounds like: a day to commemorate the science and exploration of space and appreciate the final frontier in all its wonder and mystery. Although Lockheed Martin Corporation is credited with starting Space Day in 1997, the holiday really lifted off in 2001 when Sen. (and former astronaut) John Glenn declared the first Friday in May to be International Space Day. The holiday’s immense popularity continues to this day, with many scientific organizations celebrating space with demonstrations, gatherings, and educational programs. There’s no set protocol for the celebration, so you can observe Space Day however you see fit. Check out popular space podcasts like “Interplanetary Podcast,” “Main Engine Cutoff,” or “Planetary Radio,”

all of which go over the latest news in space and space exploration. You can read up on asteroids, colonizing Mars, or the newest extrasolar discoveries to build your knowledge of all things extraterrestrial. Or, if you have a telescope, you can see some of those things for yourself. Like space, the possibilities are endless. CELEBRATING FREE COMIC BOOK DAY With the release of so many superhero movies and other films based on comic book adventures, comics and graphic novels have flown, punched, and clawed their way into our mainstream culture. Free Comic Book Day started in 2002, a day after the release of the first “Spider-Man” film, as a way to reignite popularity for the medium after a massive bust in the comic book industry in the 1990s. The idea was received positively by the public, and ever since then, it has been accompanied by the release of a comic book movie on the same weekend. Celebrating the day is simple; go to the Free Comic Book Day website and find out if there are stores near you participating. Then, get a comic (or two or three) free of charge. Browse the rest of the store while you’re there. Find a new series to enjoy and maybe watch your favorite superhero movie later that night with friends (or by yourself; no judgment here). It’s a great way to celebrate a hobby shared by millions of Americans and introduce new readers to some truly heroic stories.

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