Previstar Resource Manager

Delivering resource visibility and tracking throughout all phases of Emergency Management

Resource Manager is a web-based resource monitoring solution that delivers resource visibility and tracking capabilities throughout all four phases of Emergency Management – Mitigation, Preparedness, Response and Recovery.

Benefits • Identify inventory needs and shortfalls • End to end cost visibility

• Organize inventory at multiple agency and department levels • Track equipment, supplies, personnel and facilities • Map based search capabilities • Manage requests, mobilizations, and deployments

Previstar Resource Manager Resource Manager’s automated inventory workflow is based on FEMA’s Incident Resource Inventory System (IRIS) and the Resource Typing Library Tool (RTLT).The solution helps to track inventory items and provides cost visibility throughout the incidents and daily operations.

Features Resource lifecycle tracking of equipment, materials, supplies, teams, skills and facilities • Built with NIMS typing and allows agency custom resource typing • Identifying inventory needs and shortfalls • Managing requests, mobilizations and deployment • Tracking check-ins and assignments • Calculating usage and consumption costs

Resource Manager helps to manage dynamic en- vironments during emergency events – natural or man-made. The system has the right mix of capabilities, scalability, and flexibility to meet operational complexities such as multi-agency coordination, information management in multiple formats and channels among others. The system is ideal for preparedness and response agencies that want to achieve situational aware- ness, collaboration and standards-based incident management

Users of Previstar’s Preparedness Systems Governments and commercial organizations have used Previstar’s solutions to enhance their C4I capabilities, to prepare for bioterrorism attacks, to protect citizens at the Olympics, to recover from the multiple 2004 Florida hurricanes and from hurricane Katrina, and also to enhance the preparedness of nursing homes across an entire state. Resource Manager is a proven solution trusted by emergency planners worldwide to make the world a safer place.

Previstar Inc. • • Alexandria, Virginia, USA

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