Future Land Use Map - Update to Chapel Hill 2020

C harting O ur F uture A Land Use Initiative

Focus Area Map

Character Types For the Focus Areas only, the Future Lane Use Map (FLUM) makes use of “character types” that broadly describe the shape, character, intensity, and form of future development intended for each Focus Area. The character types do not apply in locations outside of these Focus Areas. The Land Use Categories, discussed above, delineate the future land uses for the other areas of Town.

Character Types

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ƒ Multi-family Residential ƒ Townhomes & Residences

ƒ Commercial/Office ƒ Light Industrial ƒ Parks & Green/Gathering Spaces ƒ Institutional/Civic

ƒ Multi-family, Shops, and Offices

Future Land Use Map Interpretation The Future Land Use Map, including both the town-wide map and the individual maps for each Focus Area, the Land Use Categories, and the Character Types were developed to provide guidance for specific areas throughout the Town. Special care was taken to ensure that the FLUM is generally accurate in interpreting the vision for the Town. However, the Future Land Use Map is not intended to provide site level guidance with precision. For sites located on the boundaries between Land Use Categories on the Future Lane Use Map (2050) or Sub-Areas on the Focus Area Maps, the mapped edges are not intended to be interpreted as a rigid boundary but should be interpreted in light of Chapel Hill 2020 , Town policies relevant to the site, and the particular site circumstances. Map Amendments The Future Land Use Map was constructed to provide flexibility and to reduce the need for FLUM amendments. However, there may be instances in the future that will require amendments to the FLUM. Such FLUM amendments should take place only in situations when the proposed amendment is: 1. Consistent with the goals and policies in the Chapel Hill 2020 comprehensive plan; and, 2. Addressing significantly changed circumstances since the Future Land Use Map-Update to Chapel Hill 2020 was adopted and/or amended.


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Focus Areas


North MLK South MLK 15-501 North D wntown NC-54 South Columbia Gateway Corporate_Limits

Urban Service Area Jurisdictional Limits








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