Future Land Use Map - Update to Chapel Hill 2020

C harting O ur F uture A Land Use Initiative

Future Land Use Map (2050)

Traditional University Supportive Uses (TUSU) The TUSU areas are located surrounding the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and serve as transitional areas between the campus and surrounding predominantly residential areas. These areas contain a variety of uses, buildings, and services, such as traditional single family residences; student-oriented residential; fraternities and sororities; student organizations; and historical buildings. The TUSU recognizes the diverse and varied needs of these unique university-supportive uses, many of which cannot be wholly accommodated on campus, while maintaining the traditional scale and historical character of the residential neighborhoods. Characteristics of the TUSU include:

Chapel Hill Future Land Use Map (2050) Rural Residential, 1 unit / 5 acres

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W Rural Residential, 1 unit / acre Very low residential, 1 unit / acre Low Residential, Generally 1-4 units / acre Medium Residential, Generally 4- 8 units / acre High Residential, Generally 8-15+ units / acre Commercial / Office Mixed Use Village Center Institutional University Parks/Open Space Former Landfill Subject to Development Agreement Traditional University Supportive Uses Jurisdictional Limits Urban Service Area Focus Area - See Focus Area Map

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North MLK

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ƒ Preservation and retention of existing historical single family detached dwellings preferably as single family homes, but such dwellings may be reused for nonresidential purposes provided the existing character of the dwelling and its front yard are largely retained ƒ Continued mixture of institutional and residential uses that exist to serve the needs of students, faculty, staff, and others connected with the University ƒ Small-scale institutional or semi-public uses (e.g. community centers, religious institutions) associated with the University ƒ Existing commercial/office uses provided such uses remain small in scale ƒ New commercial uses usually when associated with institutional uses (e.g. small coffee shop within an existing community center or university religious center) ƒ Encouragement for single-family or multifamily residential that is in keeping with the existing historic character and scale of the neighborhoods

15-501 North

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South MLK

WWeaver St




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Potential School Site Waterbodies

South Columbia Gateway

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