Future Land Use Map - Update to Chapel Hill 2020

C harting O ur F uture A Land Use Initiative

Character Types For the Focus Areas only, the FLUM makes use of “character types” that broadly describe the shape, character, intensity, and form of future development intended for each Focus Area. The character types do not apply in locations outside of these Focus Areas. Character Types & Precedent Images Multi-family, Shops & Offices This Character Type contains a mix (horizontal and vertical) of uses spanning some combination of the retail, office, service, residential, and hospitality land uses. Densities may vary, but most buildings will be multi-story. All or most residential space will be in multi-family buildings, many of which will have other uses at ground level and perhaps on other levels as well. Creation of walkable activity nodes through land-use diversity and proximity of destinations supports non-motorized modes of transportation as well as transit ridership. In most cases, more intense mixed-use development should be located with a half-mile of high volume/high frequency transit stations/ stops.

Character Type Principles:

ƒ May be single use or vertically integrated mixed-use buildings ƒ Avoids long, uninterrupted and monotonous building facades to add visual interest to the street ƒ Street level facades should include prominent entrances for each business, defined window bays, and windows/glazing that allows views into the ground level spaces ƒ Accentuates the building corner on corner sites ƒ Emphasizes pedestrian activity including wide sidewalks, street tree plantings, coordinated site furnishings, bike facilities, small-scale urban plazas, and the creation of great public spaces ƒ Integrates ground-floor commercial with residential and office uses ƒ Parking integrated within the building or behind buildings and accessed from side or rear fronting streets/alleys or in public decks ƒ Shared parking agreements maximize use of parking by tenants and the public based upon demand ƒ Opportunities for public art ƒ Consider stepping back the building above the third or fourth story to frame the public space rather than overwhelm it ƒ Define the building base by slight changes in building materials, colors, or textures



Town of Chapel Hill |

| December 2020

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