Future Land Use Map - Update to Chapel Hill 2020

C harting O ur F uture A Land Use Initiative

Multi-family Residential This Character Type includes small- and large-scale apartment/condominium buildings. Smaller multi-family buildings are appropriate near predominantly residential frontages and where parcel sizes support smaller multi- family buildings. Apartment/condominium buildings, particularly larger ones, should be located near mixed-use and commercial areas to allow for walkable activity nodes since land-use diversity and proximity of destinations support non-motorized modes of transportation. In most instances, higher density residential uses should be strategically located within a half-mile of high volume/high frequency transit stations/stops to support transit ridership and may include some commercial uses utilized by residents, neighborhood residents, and transit riders.

Character Type Principles:

ƒ May be completely residential or include a limited amount of supportive non-residential uses on the ground floor at primary property corners and other appropriate locations. ƒ Avoids long, uninterrupted, and monotonous building facades to add visual interest to the street ƒ Setbacks from the street create small private garden spaces and separation from public side-walks for ground-floor residential units ƒ Adequate and convenient bike facilities near primary entrances and/or integrated within the buildings ƒ Lighting and landscaping design address security and public safety issues for residents ƒ Parking integrated within or behind buildings and accessed from side or rear streets/alleys ƒ Emphasizes the primary building entrance ƒ Consider stepping back the building above the third or fourth story to frame the public space rather than overwhelm it ƒ Elevate living space above sidewalks to create a separation between living space and public space ƒ Includes balconies, french windows, bay windows, etc. to articulate the front facade and provide visual interest ƒ Define the building base by slight changes in building materials, colors, or textures ƒ Include a wide pedestrian zone and ample street tree plantings along the ground floor street frontage



Town of Chapel Hill |

| December 2020

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