Future Land Use Map - Update to Chapel Hill 2020

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The Future Land Use Map and detailed information for each Focus Area is supplemented with a series of maps. These maps reflect some of the Town’s concerns that may influence land use decisions and regulations in the Land Use Management Ordinance (LUMO). These maps include efforts associated with other long range planning initiatives and maps created as part of the Charting Our Future process. The intent of the Map Book is to provide additional insight and guidance as land use decisions are considered and as the LUMO is rewritten. The Map Book includes: ƒ Flood Resiliency Assessment, which is supported by the following maps: ƒ Residential and Non-Residential Flood Resiliency Assessments ƒ Buildings Relative to Base Flood Elevation ƒ Extreme Heat Resiliency Assessment, which is supported by the following maps: ƒ Adaptive Capacity: Tree Canopy Density ƒ Impervious Surfaces ƒ Existing Habitat and Potential Connections ƒ Long Term Network Facilities Map (Chapel Hill Mobility & Connectivity Plan, adopted 2017, amended 2020) During the rewrite of the Town’s Land Use Management Ordinance, the Resiliency Assessment Maps will be the basis for developing standards and regulations tailored to making the Town more resilient, to the extent possible using zoning regulations, in the areas of extreme heat and flooding. As a result, zoning regulations may be tailored to specific areas of Town in order to begin addressing the resiliency issues depicted on these Resiliency Maps. As the baseline data for these maps change over time, the maps will be updated.

Note: These large-format maps are available under separate cover. Please see the Town of Chapel Hill for copies of the maps or additional questions.

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