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“ I’ve Been More Active Since Seeking Treatment! ” Health & Wellness THE IDEAL TREATMENT FOR LOWBACK PAIN

Do you suffer from an aching back? Whether it is a short-lived muscle spasm, or a long-term problem, your back is telling you something! Your spine is a complex structure made up of bones, muscles, discs, tendons, ligaments, and nerves. It is the hub of your nervous system where messages to and from your brain travel to different parts of your body. It is so complex, that it takes years for you to master the ability to stand up straight, walk, and run. (continued inside)

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3 Common Spine Problem Areas | Relieve Aches & Pain In Minutes | Patient Spotlight | Free Analysis | Staff Spotlights

“Don’t Let Short Muscle Spasms Lead To Unbearable Pain!” THE IDEAL TREATMENT FOR LOWBACK PAIN

As we age, it is very common to suffer aches and pains in the lower back, typically because of poor posture and prolonged sitting, or previous injuries; however aches and pains are a sign of underlying problems. Your spine relies on proper posture, alignment, strength, and coordination. When any one of these key areas doesn’t work right, strain and stress occurs on the spine, sparking inflammation and pain. Inflammation weakens the spinal muscles and leg muscles, causing difficulty with everyday activities. Getting up and down from the floor, squatting, standing for long periods, and even walking can become a problem. This can really affect your life and the longer the problem persists, the more long-term damage can occur. Quickly Relieve Low Back Pain Most low back pain can easily be treated with physical therapy and without the need for surgery, or prolonged medication. Physical therapy can reduce inflammation, restore proper function, restore normal back strength and prevent future injury. Maintaining and building muscle strength is particularly important to getting you back to doing the things you love to do, without worrying about the pain. Not all low back pain is the same, so your treatment will be tailored to for your specific symptoms and condition. Once the examination is complete, your physical therapist will evaluate the results, identify the factors that have contributed to your specific back problem, and design an individualized treatment plan for your specific back problem. Our physical therapists have years of medical training and skills to thoroughly evaluate and pinpoint the cause of your back pain. Look inside to learn more about our physical therapy and personal training programs and say hello to healthy living and good-bye to that aching back!

“Do You Know Why Your Back Is In Pain?” 3 COMMON SPINE PROBLEM AREAS

Whether you have back pain, neck pain, or radiating arm/leg pain, we can help. Your spine must be flexible, strong, and healthy in order for you to maintain a pain free body. We ensure that you’ll achieve the best results for your back/neck pain with the Centra Rehabilitation spine program. UPPER SPINE Pain or injury here is often responsible for headaches to the scalp and face. This area helps with overall body balance and the ability to rotate the neck. Conditions involving the upper spine often present as limited motion and contribute to a forward head posture. As a result, this increases strain on the neck causing muscle pain and tension. In addition, weakness and pain to the shoulders, arms, hands, and fingers can be common. MID SPINE Pain or injuries here can cause limited motion and mid-back pain. The nerves exiting this area are responsible for digestion, heart and lung function. Limited motion here also increases the amount of strain on the lower spine. LOWER SPINE A common area of low back pain and radiating leg pain. This area can cause a significant amount of back pain because it is supposed to rotate with walking. Furthermore, this is a common area for disc herniation that can cause pain, numbness and tingling into the buttocks, thighs, legs or feet.


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Patient Spotlight

I was as good as new! “Two months ago I hurt my shoulder playing football with my son. I finally decided to get help and went to Centra. I can’t believe I let myself suffer that long. After 5 visits I was as good as new! Centra Rehab is the best! ” - Tom K., Lynchburg, VA My condition greatly improved! “I developed a serious swallowing problem and was somewhat skeptical regarding therapy. However, very shortly after performing the exercises prescribed by Yvonne Staton my condition greatly improved. I would highly recommend Yvonne to anyone having a similar problem as she obviously is an extremely talented Speech Therapist. During my therapy sessions Yvonne was especially friendly and would patiently listen to me and always answered all of my questions.” - Paul M., Lynchburg, VA

Staff Spotlights

Jackson Connell, PT, DPT Clinic: Nationwide Drive, Lynchburg Jackson is a Lynchburg native who joined our team inAugust 2016. He has developed a passion for treating patients with orthopedic injuries. His primary areas of interest are manual therapy for the spine, treatment of the shoulder, hip and knee, as well as post- surgical rehabilitation. Jackson’s overall patient satisfaction rating is 99.41% and 100% of his patients responded that they would recommend him to a friend!

Courtney Bumgarner, PT, DPT Clinic: Atherholt Road, Lynchburg Courtney has been with Centra since September of 2011. She enjoys treating a variety of diagnoses including orthopaedic conditions of the spine, shoulder, and lower extremities as well as treating various neurological conditions. Courtney has special interest in concussion, TMJ and treating headaches. Courtney’s overall patient satisfaction rating is 99.55% and 100% of her patients responded that they would recommend her to a

Jackson ranks in the top 1% of the country for treating cervical and hip conditions, in the top 5% for treating knee conditions and top 15% for lumber spine conditions.

friend! Courtney ranks in the top 4% of the country for treating concussion and vestibular conditions, and top 8% for treating the knee and lumbar spine.

*Outcomes provided by FOTO, inc.

Do you want a natural solution to your pain? Gain your freedom from pain medication and avoid costly surgery with physical therapy!

CentraOutpatientRehabilitation http://rehab.centrahealth.com/

People who go to physical therapy experience: Natural relief for aches and pains Less difficulty in reaching or bending More social activity More energy More strength Better days at work


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HEALTH BENEFITS OF TREKKING, HIKING & MOUNTAIN CLIMBING For the average person, mountain climbing and trekking seem to be something that is tiring and risky hobby. It conjures up images of feeling drained of energy, muscle aches and cramps and even health risks. But there are a lot of benefits to these activities. In fact far more benefits than the associated risks and our bodies and minds have been trained to explore. Trekking and mountain climbing provide a complete set of benefits from the physical, mental and social aspects.

Do you have pain while reaching or bending? If you are not moving like you once were. Please don’t hesitate to come in for a check up and get back on track to feeling great again. Call the clinic nearest you today! • It increases blood oxygenation levels. Meaning the amount of oxygen that your blood carries to different parts of your body. • It helps to control your weight by burning fat deposits throughout the body. • It improves coordination of movement between your eyes, hands and feet. • It improves your sense of balance as you need to walk over uneven terrain or even small ridges. • It improves bone density as you carry heavy loads at varying inclines. • It improves your skin texture and tone. • It tones up your muscles and makes them more resilient and Your entire physical body benefits from trekking or climbing in many ways. • Your heart pumps at maximum capacity while your whole body works out. • It reduces blood pressure. • It increases the capacity of your lungs by heavy breathing. • It also clears the lungs of residual air that resides in your lungs after you breathe out and in turn breathe in clean nature’s air. • It reduces blood sugar levels.

flexible. • It is the perfect interval training where there are bursts of extreme effort such as scrambling and rock climbing followed

by mild walking or short sprinting. • It improves the quality sleep.

http://climbreport.net/health-benefits-of-trekking-hiking-and-mountain- climbing/

Relieve Aches & Pain In Minutes Without Pain Medication! Try these movements if you are experiencing pain.

MINI SQUAT Stand with feet shoulder width apart. Perform a squatting motion initiated by bending at the hip. Only bend knees slightly, do not bend knees beyond 45 degrees. Rise up by straightening at the hip. Repeat 8 times.

PRONE HIP EXTENSIONS While lying face down with your knee straight, slowly raise up the affected leg off the ground. Hold for 30 seconds and repeat 7 times.

Strengthens Lower Back

Relieves Back Pain



Always consult your physical therapist or physician before starting exercises you are unsure of doing.


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