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Recently, a property manager reflected her likes and dislikes about springtime.

She liked the fact that troublesome tenants were preparing to move on, yet her delinquencies began to rise as tenants sought to avoid paying that last month’s rent. She was excited about bringing in fresh new tenants, but wonders where they came from… they have cash for their deposits, and first month’s rent. Is that from tax refunds maybe? Or are they in a hurry to leave their last apartment as they are leaving rent due there … On a recent background screening, we found the prospective tenant had an active eviction in process with their current landlord as they pushed the court with excuses to obtain a new court date. (So they would have time to find a new apartment, and new landlord.) Hmmm ... our client wasn’t impressed and moved on to a better tenant choice. We can help recover the rents lost due to the April showers AND help you cultivate those May flowers, fresh great new tenants. Something to ponder, anyway.

ARE YOU READY TOTAKE A RISK? Navigating the Road to Entrepreneurial Success Many aspiring entrepreneurs say they can’t wait to go into business for themselves because of the freedom they’ll have. They dream about starting their own business, but they dream even bigger about the two-week vacations they’ll take. The hard truth is that those rewards come at the very end — not the beginning. If you want to start a business and build it up so you do have that freedom, then you need to be realistic about the sacrifices you’re going to have to make. When you’re an entrepreneur, there’s no such thing as free time. If you have time to run off and do things that have nothing to do with your business, then you’re not putting 100% of your effort into your dream. When you’re starting a brand-new business, you need to be plugged in every single day and every waking hour. If you’re not ready to devote all your time, then you’re not ready to start a business. Building something that’s going to be around for many years to come means committing all your time from the beginning. That’s the only way your venture will grow and survive. FREE TIME

ENJOY the spring!

- Dan Larson


If being an entrepreneur guaranteed a life of luxury, then everyone would be one. But taking the risk of starting your own business doesn’t always mean you’ll become wealthy. That’s why it’s a risk. Plenty of other jobs can make you a lot more money. In many cases, entrepreneurs struggle for years to find success. In many more cases, they never find it.

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