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Remuneration for Outside Work. [ sic ]

4. The missionary while in connection with the Bible Institute of Los Angeles will give his time and strength to its work in China, under the general direction of the Mission and in accordance with the provisions of the Manual. If, with the express sanction of the Mission and the Board, he shall temporarily undertake work not under the care of the Board, any sum or money paid for such work shall be turned into the Treasury of the Mission and reported to the Board, except with the approval of the Mission and the explicit consent of the Board to the contrary. Where the regular work is a source of revenue, such as medical fees, tuition etc., the amount shall be similarly reported. This provision is not intended to cover gifts or occasional remuneration received by missionaries for personal services. 5. The Board pays the expense of the journey from the home of the missionary to his station or vice versa, by a direct route. If any missionary wishes to deviate for this route and there be no valid reason to the contrary, he shall receive a sum equal to the expense of the direct journey as estimated by the Board at the time. The expense is based upon the shortest and least expensive route and is not intended to include items of emergency beyond those incident to delays from disarranged service. In case of deviation from the direct route or delays, the additional expense is assumed by the missionary. The Business Department of the Bible Institute, except in a very few cases, arranges for all steamship tickets, but due to a ruling regarding clergy fares, it is necessary for the missionary to secure his own railway transportation after arranging for clerical certificates through the Business office. Travel to Field.

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