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Baggage and Freight Allowances of Missionaries 6. The Board pays the expense of packing and the freight and custom duties to the field within reasonable limits, (duties no to exceed $50.00 per person) for necessary articles for personal and household use and not out for more that is included in the regular freight and baggage allowance. The freight allowance is two thousand tons for a single missionary and four tons for a married missionary, except as may be determined by special action of the Board. (one ton equals 40 cubic feet) The Board allows a maximum of 350 pounds of baggage which the missionary is entitled to carry free from his home to his destination on the field or vice versa. Half of the above allowance will be made for each child. Passports 7. The United States regulations in regard to passports change so constantly that careful inquiries should be made regarding them several weeks before the date of sailing. Missionaries should be very careful to fulfill all conditions and obtain passports necessary for travel. The cost of the passports will be defrayed by the Board. Furloughs 8. The appointment of missionaries contemplates service for life if the Lord will. Stated furloughs, however, are in complete accord with such services. The change of environment afforded tends to preserve or restore the health and energies of the missionaries, and their presence in the churches at home increases interest in Mission Work. In cases where a missionary shall have been on the field longer than the usual term and his wife for a period shorter than the usual term or vice versa, it shall be allowable to fix the minimum term of service at the medium or average point for the two. In every case a furlough shall require the approval of the Mission,

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