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11. and, except for an emergency health furlough, inclusion of the expense in the estimates. The Board meets travel expense both ways unless specifically stated to the contrary. The period of furlough is in addition for the time required for direct travel. The Mission shall ensure that the time of leaving the field be a suitable period after the full term of service; that the return to the field at the expiration of the allowed furlough shall also be at a suitable season of the year. The furlough period shall be twelve months. Missionaries when they arrive at home on furlough are to have a thorough medical examination, and a sufficient portion of their furloughs is to be spent in rest and recuperation to insure their return to the field in the best physical condition. Missionaries before their return to the field after furlough should have another physical examination in order to insure good health of the field. It is desirable that furloughs be spent in the United States. Any missionary wishing to spend part of the furlough in foreign countries, is expected to correspond with the Board with reference to the time to be so spent and the date at which home allowance shall begin. As the Board pays the travel expense to the home of the missionary, it is necessary that the domicile be stated when rendering the travel account and that the journey thereto be in accordance with paragraph. 9. (a) The allowance while at home shall be $2100 per annum to a husband and wife and $1,200 to an unmarried man, to an unmarried woman and to a wife whose husband remains on the field. Missionaries may, at their discretion, draw in advance one month’s home allowance from the Mission Treasurer prior to leaving the field, or from the Business Manager in Los Angeles upon arriving in the United States. Home Allowance

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