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2. Last furlough and Last term of service.

In the case of a missionary who will become eligible to honorable retirement within three years after the expiration of furlough, the judgement of the Mission shall be expressed, either before the missionary leaves the field, as to whether in its judgment such missionary is physically and otherwise able to render acceptance service for a period of three years from the expiration of furlough, and if the judgement is favorable, the missionary may be authorized by the Board to return to the field with the understanding that at the expiration of the three year period, he or she will be eligible to be placed upon the honorably retired in the usual way. In case of a missionary on furlough who is within a few years of honorable retirement, but whose return to the field is not deemed advisable by the Mission or the Board, or both, the Board shall determine the appropriate action which should be taken in view of all circumstances.

3. Status.. Place of residence.

A missionary with the approval of the Board may reside in the homeland or abroad as honorably retired but shall not be permitted to take residence in or on Mission property on the field.

4. Financial allowances.

The full retiring allowance to all missionaries who have rendered forty years of service or who have reached sixty 5 years of age, shall be that of an active missionary. By special decision of the Board missionaries granted retirement before the allotted time shall be decided pro rata by the Board.

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