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The supreme and controlling aim of foreign Missions is to make the Lord Jesus Christ known to all men as their Divine Saviour and to persuade them to become His disciples; to gather these disciples into Christian churches which shall be self-propagating, self-supporting, self-governing; to cooperate, so long as necessary, with these churches in the evangelizing of their countrymen, and in bringing to bear on all human life the spirit and principles of Christ.



The Hunan Bible Institute, China department of the Bible Institute of Los Angeles, was founded by the late Mr. Lyman Stewart because of his firm belief in the Bible as the very Word of God, and as “the power of God unto salvation to everyone that believeth”, and also because of his loyalty to the command of our Lord Jesus Christ to “Preach the Gospel to every Creature.” Mr. Stewart believed that the quickest and most effective way to reach the thirty –five millions of people in Hunan, and the hundreds of millions in adjoining provinces, was through consecrated and well-trained Chinese evangelists, and so one, and later two, and still later additional bands of Chinese evangelists were organized and sent out into unevangelized districts to proclaim the glorious message of salvation in places where Christ had not yet been named. Soon the need was felt for more thorough training for the evangelists and a Bible school was started at Changsha for this purpose. Missionaries of various societies learning of this school asked if some of their promising young men and women might share in its opportunities and privileges, and so the work grew until in 1925-25, 156 men were at work in 12 evangelistic bands and 140 students in the Bible School

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