Manual - Transcript

having come from twenty missions working in twelve different provinces.


Moral and Spiritual. 1. (a) Candidates for appointment to the missionary force should be of a marked Christian character and culture, with deep conviction as to the fundamentals of the Faith and a strong desire to serve Christ, already made evident by Christian work at home. (b) All candidates will be asked to consider prayerfully and sign the Statement of Faith adopted by the Bible Institute of Lost Angeles, and each member of the staff will be expected to sign this statement once annually. Application 2. (a) Candidates are expected to answer a series of personal questions as to health, preparation and Christian experience; and to undergo a medical examination by a physician designated by the Board. Language School and study 3. A mastery of the language in which a missionary is to labor is an indispensable qualification for missionary service. Exception to this rule is made by definite action of the Mission (and Board) in rare cases and only where the special service to which a missionary is assigned may be rendered in English. Even such missionaries can increase the efficiency of their general service by a knowledge of the language. After reaching the field, the new missionaries should spend their first year in language study. (c) All missionaries are subject to the obligations and entitled to the privileges set forth in this Manual. Wives of missionaries are included.


4. The dur ation [ sic ] of the first term of service on the field shall be five years, thereafter six years except by special arrangement as shall be approved by the Board.

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