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WITHDRAWLS FROM SERVICE 5. (a) Should a missionary retire from the mission, before having completed a term of four years, for any other cause than that of failure of health, it is expected that an equitable return of the travel and outfit allowance will be made to the Board, due regard being had to the expenses incurred and services rendered. (b) The general rule is that 25% of the amount will be deducted for each year of service. (c) In the event of withdrawals from the Board’s service, for reason considered sufficient by the Board, it will defray the expense of the journey to this country, provided said journey be made within a year from the date of withdrawal, and may make a grant to funds to meet present exigencies in cases of special need. RECALL 6. The Board reserves the right of recalling missionaries or revoking their appointment for sufficient reasons, which are to be of record. IV ORGANIZATION AND ADMINISTRATION 1. The Mission of the Hunan Bible Institute, China department of the Bible Institute of Los Angeles, consists of all foreign missionaries under appointment by the Board. The Board recommends that a missionary shall have a right to vote in mission matters only after two years of service in connection with the mission and after he shall have passed the language examinations appointed for the first two years. A mission may, however, give a vote under special circumstances after one year. Constitution of the Mission

Powers. of the Mission.

2. The Mission has the general care and supervision of all work within its limits. In all matters on the field it has the right of initiative. The Board may also exercise the right of initiative in con-

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