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and preserve files of all official correspondence belonging to his department. His books must be open to the inspection of any member of the Mission at any reasonable time.

Estimates and appropriations.

6.(a) At a meeting of the Mission to be held the second Tuesday of October of each year, the Mission Treasure shall prepare, with the approval of the Mission Superintendent and executive committee, a careful estimate of the probable necessary expense of its work for the year beginning January 1 st , following the date of meeting. It is especially desired that in recommending appropriations for new work, such as sending out of new missionaries, the purchase of property, erection of buildings, etc., the Mission shall indicate the order of their importance. (b) The Mission should accompany all requests for new property or new missionaries, with a brief and careful statement of the reasons for these requests, even though said reasons have been set forth in previous correspondence. (c) The estimates should indicate first what is needed for the work of the ensuing year, the amount not to exceed the grant of the year preceeding [ sic ] that for which the estimate is made, and, secondly, if more is required, how the Mission would spend the desired increase. (d) Any anticipated income from rents of properties on the field shall be included within the annual Mission estimates of receipts on the field. Any necessary expenditures for rent shall be a first charge against such income. (e) The estimate should be forwarded to the Business Manager of the Bible Institute of Los Angeles and be presented by him to its Board of Directors at its meeting the first Friday in December. Pending such action the Mission is authorized to proceed with all expenditures included under “Operating Expenses” and the Business Manager of the Bible Institute of Los Angeles will remit accordingly; but the Mission

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