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7. Normally, the budget as compiled by the Mission will be made in the currency of the country and the Institute will remit according to the rate of exchange prevailing.

Salaries, allowances, furlough, etc.

The salary of a married missionary on the field shall be U.S. currency $1800 a year and is reckoned at the current rate of exchange.

(1) The understanding is that the missionary is to have whatever the gold salary produces in native currency and that in addition, when unusual conditions prevail and the gold dollar is producing less than the normal rate, the Board will guarantee a fixed rate, approximately the normal rate, on such salary as is used on the field and there fore affected by exchange. On the portion of the salary expended outside of the country, the deduction is to be made in gold amounts, inasmuch as no question of exchange is involved. Charges going out to the field against salary accounts should be decucted [ sic ] either in gold amounts or at the arbitrary rate fixed by the Board. To this amount is added an allowance for each child under twenty-one years of age, as stated below. A house is provided, or house rent paid, for each married missionary. Sixty percent of a married man’s salary is provided as a rule for unmarried men and women. To a missionary remaining at his post while his wife returns to this country, the salary of an unmarried missionary is allowed and to his wife the usual home allowance of a single missionary , with the usual children’s allowances. (2) In case of the death of any missionary, married or single, or any child of a missionary, the full salary or allowance shall be continued for one month from date of death. (3) In the case of a missionary left a widower or widow with children and keeping house, the salary shall be especially arranged, in

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