Manual - Transcript

8. in [ sic ] view of all the circumstances.

(4) In general the salary begins on the day following the final meeting of the missionary with the Board before sailing for China, and continues without break until the term of service is ended. In the case of a missionary who resigns a position to accept a call to our work, the salary shall begin when the payments in the former position cease.

Children’s Allowances

(a) An allowance of $200 per annum is made for each child under 10 years of age and $300 perannum [ sic ] for the next eleven years, the payments for the last five years not to be made for children who are self-supporting or are married or leave school permanently for other than health reasons. (b) This provision does not apply to the adopted children of missionaries. (c) The Board defrays the expense of the journey of the children of missionaries to this country up to the time that their children’s allowance cease, the total number of single trips not to exceed five, but it does not engage to meet the expense of their return to China after the age of sixteen, unless they go out as missionaries under the appointment of the Board. (a) Bills on the field for medical, surgical, and one-half dental expenses, including the prescribed medicines, will be paid by the Mission as an addition to the budget. (b) All bills of missionaries on furlough in excess of $25.00 per annum for single missionaries and $50.00 per annum for a family, for medical, surgical, oculist and on half dental charges, if incurred by consent of the Board, will, upon request, be met by the Board. Remuneration for Outside Work. Medical Allowance

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