Register 2021

Beau Armstrong Jeremy Turnbull Memorial Trophy – To the boy with a real interest and a passion for Agriculture Richard Harnett Flower’s House Cup Service to the House Willie Ryan Boarding Programme Award – Most involved in the Boarding Programme SCHOOL PRIZE-GIVING YEAR 10 Tom Hodges Prize for Service to the Chapel Aston Nijjar Academic Award

Tom Foster Academic Award and Neave Memorial Prize for Spoken French Matthew Hocquard Hare Memorial Prize for Most Promising Player in Year 11 Cricket Luke Kim Academic Award Eric Liu

Lee Voigt Prize for Photography

YEAR 13 Henry Briscoe

Prize for Drama and the Balfour Prize for Deputy Head of Choir Sam Hadley Prize for Digital Technology Barnaby Middleton Prize for Mechanical Engineering

Prize for Art Lachie Short

Academic Award; Barnett Prize for General Science; Neave Memorial Prize for French; Tancred Prize for History and a Prize for English YEAR 12 Richard Harnett Prize for Accounting Jayden Sa Crutchley Cup for U16 Rugby Player of the Year


The Somes Prize for Outstanding Overall Contribution to the Arts and General Scholarship Lionel Randall Housemaster, Flower’s House

YEAR 11 Ed Davidson Prize for Drama


Back Row: HF Grice, D Lee, WF Wightman, WHB Pryor, RG Allen, OZ Shore, LRP Voigt, K Hashimoto, RL Harnett, JB Luisetti, K Chiang, M Wang, Mrs R Taggart (Domestic Staff) Fourth Row: Mr K Thatcher (Tutor), JM Peckitt, P Sanrat, ML Hocquard, FMJ Ryan, JR Flint, EI Davidson, BJN Donaldson, TA Foster, LA Short, JCP Rookes, X Wu, BK Armstrong Third Row: Mr ZR Knight (Mentor/Tutor), Mr NS Nicholson (Mentor), LCT Hastie, TJ Hodges, BDB Elkington, JS Leck, E Lee, AS Nijjar, GT Matthews, Z Chen, HM Shore, DJ Flutey, Ms K O’Malley (Domestic Staff), Mrs C Bateman (Domestic Staff) Second Row: Ms MJ Campbell, Master AMC Vink, Miss MPR Vink, WM Drummond, JWD Martin, Mrs K Adams (Matron), SJA Hadley (Head of House), Mr BP Vink (Housemaster), BPG Middleton (Deputy Head of House), Mrs MF Ellis-Martin (Deputy Housemaster/Mentor), VST Pale, HJ Briscoe (Head of Boarding), JD Cutler, L Li Front Row: CO Armstrong, SW Pye, WHD Donaldson, MW Airey, FP O’Gara, TW Hazeldine, HP Smith, LJF Horne, WAE Ryan, LJ Connolly Absent: HA Dargue, MJ Dargue, SG Greenslade, D Kim


Register 2021 Pastoral Care

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