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for Ethics & Spirituality had to be postponed. I hope this will be rescheduled for next year. I have said to the Old Boys that I spoke to, that whilst the buildings are largely unchanged, what goes on inside the buildings is markedly different from their time here. The resources and the programmes that are run now to encourage our boys to be respectful to each other and to call out bad behaviour are extremely important to who we are and the environment that we want here. Given some stark lessons from the past, we must never be complacent about student protection and wellbeing. Keeping our boys mentally and physically safe will always be the Board’s priority above all others. In the next few weeks, the Board will be considering the award of the contract for the construction of our new sports and wellbeing centre, Upper West. All being well, ground will finally be broken next year. Once completed in 2023, our double championship-winning basketball team will finally have a venue fitting of their achievements, but, more importantly, it will be great facility for our community to enjoy. The first sign of progress will be the installation of a Bailey bridge over the Avon and on to Upper by the swimming pool. I would add that this is not a new route for the boys to use to access their cars in the Botanz car-park! Our focus will then move to repurposing the current gym built in the 70s and a redevelopment of the Science block. With numerous heritage buildings, there will never be a point in time when the campus will be finished. We will always need to renew, strengthen, reimagine and innovate to match our facilities and infrastructure with the expectations of our boys and parents, and ensure that we continue to deliver excellent academic and co-curricular programmes from fit-for-purpose facilities. We have been very grateful for your support following our decision to charge a Heritage Levy from

the start of this year to reflect the uniqueness and special character of this campus. We appreciate that this was an added burden on top of the fees but is needed to ensure that we can improve the campus for the benefit of generations to come. It is only a slight exaggeration when I say that we need Historic Places consent to change a light bulb in some of our buildings. Our ability to undertake campus redevelopment will continue to be underwritten by the College Foundation, supplemented by the generosity of many in our community who share our vision for the future. A significant proportion of the Foundation’s capital pays for our scholarship programme. In recent years we have directed an increasing proportion of these funds to supporting those who would otherwise not be able to afford to come here. The focus of the recent Giving Day was to increase the scholarship funds. The incredible response to this cause resulted in $400,000 being raised and demonstrated that the purpose of the giving resonated with our community. Thank you to everyone who contributed to the success of the day. It was an amazing outcome. In 2021, there have been a couple of changes to the Board. Catherine McMillan retired at the end of her term as one of the Old Boy nominees. Catherine made a great contribution to the Board, especially as Chair of the Finance committee. Mary Devine will retire at our next meeting. Mary has provided wisdom, support and pragmatism around our table and will be very much missed. Thank you, both. Mark Cox has joined the Board as a new Old Boy nominee. We took advantage of the quality of the applicants who responded to the vacancy by also appointing Richard Rookes in anticipation of Mary’s retirement. Both Mark and Richard have hit the ground running and unusually for new Board members actually spoke at their first meeting! The Board continues to be grateful

for the work Garth and all his team do in delivering our multi-faceted and diverse academic and co- curricular programmes to an ever- increasing number of boys. It is a reflection on Garth’s leadership and commitment and the efforts of all our staff that in 2022 our roll will be full. Thank you Garth for all that you do in enabling our boys to have the opportunity to be the best that they can be. At the end of the day and this year, this place is all about community, giving the students the best opportunity to shape their lives with guidance and mentoring built on some non-negotiable Christian values from a group of extremely dedicated teachers supported by a cohesive team comprising the Christ’s College community and inspired by the best of our history while driven by the need to continuously improve and evolve to meet the challenges of the day. Thank you to all our parents for your engagement, commitment and the ongoing investment that you make in your son’s education. It is very much appreciated. To the students here today, the Board wishes you well – especially to our leavers. Stay in touch through the Old Boys’ Association and good luck wherever your journey takes you from here. Finally, to Bosco – you have been at the spiritual heart of the College for so many years and it is indeed an end of an era. Since your retirement has become known, I have heard from many Old Boys who have expressed to me their appreciation of their relationship with you, your care, empathy and compassion. We will celebrate your incredible contribution to College life when we are able to fill our Chapel. Until that time, and on behalf of the Board, thank you to you and to Helen. We truly wish you well for the future.

Thank you. Nga¯ mihi. Hugh Lindo Chair


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