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GG Aitken Memorial Cup for Junior Tennis Champion Lucas Evans (Year 10) Neave Memorial Prize for French and the Tyndale Prize for Religious Education Sam Hales (Year 10) Cup and Prize for Best Junior Swimmer Seamus Hickey (Year 10) Road Cycling Prize for Best Junior Cyclist Art Aitken (Year 11) Prize for Economics James Bernau (Year 11) Tancred Prize for Literature Otto Elworthy (Year 11) Barnett Prize for Chemistry William Sudell (Year 11) Prize for Accounting Lucca Wiseman (Year 11) Prize for Economics Charlie Eglinton (Year 12) Prize for Agribusiness Hamish Falls-Anderson (Year 12)

Barnett Prize for Statistics and the Prize for Most Promising Squash Player Jed Gimblett (Year 12) Prize for Digital Technology Christian Higgins (Year 12) Neave Memorial Prize for Classical Studies Alex Scott (Year 12) Cup for Player of the Year in Badminton Thimeth Wijesinghe (Year 12) Jeremy Stamers-Smith Memorial Prize for Head of the Chapel Choir Joshua Erasmus (Year 13) Prize for Accounting Harry Greenwood (Year 13) Barnett Prize for Earth and Space Science Sam Kelly (Year 13) Dr FG Westenra Prize for Medical Studies and the Neave Memorial Prize for Classical Studies Hanjun Kim (Year 13) Worner Cup for outstanding commitment to 1st XI Hockey Hamish Newstead (Year 13)

Alpers Prize for services to Cricket Monty Rookes (Year 13) Warden’s Prize for Chapel Prefect Freddie Sudell (Year 13)

HONOURS TIES Joshua Erasmus – Choral Music and Instrumental Music

Oliver Hlavac – Choral Music Hanjun Kim – Choral Music Sam Kelly – Choral Music Charles Lord – Choral Music

Rheon Salt – Contemporary Music Harry Dufton – Contemporary Music Thimeth Wijesinghe – Debating and Drama

Nathan Orchard – Drama Freddie Sudell – Drama

SPORTS COLOURS Joshua Erasmus – Hockey Hamish Newstead – Hockey


Christ’s College Canterbury

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