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House Colours Somes House Colours are awarded to students who have accumulated enough House points through their involvement in the interhouse competitions. First House Colours George Howard, Alex Stead, George Hudson, Koen Jager, Jack Thelning, Tim Gould, Nic Shearer Second House Colours Jacob Clements, William Law, Liam Alexander. Fourth House Colours Jack Belcher – becoming the third student to reach 100 points for Somes House. MAJOR HOUSE AWARDS Somes House major awards went to the following students Year 9 Excellence and Contribution to House Alex Johnston

House Spirit for Years 10–12 It is important to recognise the people who just get on with things. They don’t make a fuss, they do as much as they can, they are competitive, generous with their time and work well with their peer groups. They understand the concepts of a community necessary for a successful House. Year 10 House Spirit: Jack Kennedy Year 11 House Spirit: Alex Stead Year 12 House Spirit: William Law James O’Gorman Cup for Sportsmanship Ash Cassidy Somes House Cup for Fellowship George Hudson Will Midgley Trophy for Culture Shyam Hari Cam Robson Trophy for Interhouse Activities Jack Belcher

Chris Green Trophy for Excellence James Currie Kim McCoy Cup for Leadership Thomas Clarke In conclusion, I would like to thank our parent community for the support that you give to Somes House and in particular, the support you give your sons. By working together, they will become great young men. Finally, thanks to Thomas Clarke and James Luxon, as well as all of the Year 13 students, for their outstanding efforts during 2021. It has been another interrupted year that has required a lot of versatility and resilience. Their efforts through the year, will be something that they will be able to reflect upon in the future with pride. Craig Aitken Housemaster, Somes House


Back Row: Ms EJ Bracken (Mentor), GOM Mounce, MJ Gillard, JW Moss, WMMC Law, AT Cassidy, CJ Huntley, JTIL Sa, JS Clements, JOH Brent, JTM Pfahlert, JH Thelning, JA Coles, TFC McFarlane, Mr SE Everingham (Mentor) Fourth Row: ARL Welsh, MA Cookeson, GM Howard, AG Stead, LS Leota, DT Fletcher, JS Drury, SJ Chittock, EL Kepple, RGX Oh, JA Bailey, HT Lassen, HT Acton-Adams, NR Cranstone, E Kuo Third Row: Mr NM Coxon (Mentor), M Chi, JFC Kennedy, DMJ Kelly, ODJ du Toit, BA McCarthy, JM Burt, GJ Grace, A Chong, MJD Flint, CGP Gard, LRP Legeay-Fisher, FT Sharpe, CJM Wyness, Ms KC Belton (Mentor), Dr NR de Joux (Mentor) Second Row: EX Yao, JH Jacques, MW Clancy, SJR Nicholl, LP McKeon, SR Bennett, HPR Ifopo-Togia, IRK Cate, AJ Johnston, OS Bloy, AW Markham, SHG Belcher, GSM Wyness, RY Gu, AR Coles, YD Zhou Front Row: RF Stephens, HE Trolove, NJ Shearer, AJC Hammett, AJR McArthur, JP Belcher (Head Prefect), Dr CG Aitken (Housemaster), TA Clarke (Head of House), JL Luxon (Deputy Head of House), Dr TD Hawkins (Deputy Housemaster/Mentor), JM Currie, LD Alexander, CT McCarthy, TD Gould, CG Manson, S Hari Absent: WR Churcher, GDH Hudson, AM Lemalu


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