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Above: New South Wales Branch Dinner, Sydney 20 August 1959. L- R Top Table: DG McIntyre, CH Clemens, AH Burrage, DM Stewart, RC Walker L-R Near Table: WE Gardner, PAM Williams, DM Taylor, EWH Cooper, JR Fisher L-R Far Table: LK Williams, RW Browne, JH Garland, AJ Dunn, DR Sandeman, WH Gregory, KJ Kissling The Christ’s College Register December 1959 opp p 538

synod proceedings, reports of various kinds, photographs and memorabilia. Recently, Barry O’Sullivan’s book on the dress regulations for militia, volunteers, constabulary and permanent forces 1852–1909 has provided invaluable clues about our military uniforms. A comprehensive listing and valuation of the paintings in the Dining Hall was completed in January, along with photographs. It was also decided to increase the speed with which the portraits of the Headmasters were covered in museum perspex. This involved another detailed analysis of their condition and subsequent cleaning by a conservator. At the time of writing, three more paintings need to be completed from this collection. There was also conservation of the portrait of Churchill Julius, College’s third Warden.

Archives research has included many staff and family requests for information about Old Boys, but the most surprising of all was the search for the origin of the Sydney Long Lunch. It was discovered that it was 84 years old. Searching for photographs for the various reunions is always a challenge as there are some years when neither the formal nor candid cameras made an appearance. The Uniform Shop also plays an important part in the College Archives. Ann Shaw makes certain that I know when there is a change in both the everyday and sports uniforms. With the move of the large case downstairs in the library, there will once again be the opportunity for clothing items from the collection to be displayed. The meeting of archivists from

schools and other institutions within Christchurch has expanded to include Timaru. Two days were planned in 2021 but due to Covid-19, the most recent one had to be postponed to 2022. They provide an opportunity for the sharing of ideas, and knowledge, as well as the passing on of skills and how to cope with scarce resources. The usual yearly update of the Harris Collection, this time concentrating on journals and offprints, was completed with the expert help of the Assistant Librarian, Lyn Feterika. Her knowledge of everything relating to the library will be greatly missed following her decision to retire. There are now 1375 items in the Harris Collection. With the detail that is now available on the library catalogue Accessit, it is possible to show links between authors.


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