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HARPER HOUSE What’s Next By Hamish McCulloch Directed by Hamish McCulloch and Jamie Barr Written by the students themselves, this play looked back at 2020 as a dramatic period and wrapped up the many challenges that we faced as humans. Clever use of drama conventions made it a roller-coaster ride of a play. JACOBS HOUSE Law and Order: Fairy Tale Unit By Jonathan Rand Directed by Janindu Pahalawatta This play took the audience on a trip through the fairy-tale criminal justice system. Justin Barclay was a hilarious ‘Hansel’ and the Three Little Pigs were scene stealers. JULIUS HOUSE Politically Correct Bedtime Stories Adapted from the book by James Finn Garner Directed by Sam Kelly Julius also took us into the fairy-tale land but this time it was three very new versions of the classics. Little

Red Riding Hood , Cinderella and the Three Little Pigs all received an update which made for an hilarious

20 minutes. A particularly strong cast and excellent direction from Sam Kelly.


Christ’s College Canterbury

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