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We have had another highly successful year of Theatresports in 2021, despite competitions being delayed and hampered by lockdowns. Our seasoned seniors fronted two teams, exhibiting incredible dedication and enthusiasm for the craft of improvisation, while our juniors cobbled together a team of Year 9s and one Year 10 to represent College at the junior finals. SENIOR COMPETITION Our two exceptional senior teams played in the annual Court Theatre Theatresports Competition on 15 August held at Rangi Ruru Girls’ School. Our Senior B team, bursting with talent, featured the comedic stylings of Nathan Orchard (Year 13), Ryan Primus, Henry King, Ollie Jones, Oli Aikawa and Joey Young (all Year 12, with Year 11 Elliott Grey in reserve). Starting with an entertaining Shared Story , followed by Switch Left , where Ollie portrayed a stressed horse while Joey was a collapsed old lady flying away, the team was only half a point behind St Andrew’s

College heading into the Challenge round. Unfortunately, its incredibly animated New Choice about a deep- sea plumber couldn’t close the gap and this team missed the finals by that half point. Our Senior A team featured College’s most dedicated and longest-serving Year 13 players – co-captains James Currie and Claude Tellick – alongside Year 12 players Oscar Gosling, Adam Raitt, Raymond Brooks and Year 11 Thom Bell (with George Hudson in reserve). James and Claude took a strong lead with Yes, And Experts , followed by a hilarious round of Switch Left featuring James and Oscar as elderly ladies off to see West Side Story , and Thom turning into a sock. The competition ended with Typewriter about a wonky light that Elsa tried to fix with ice, putting us well ahead of the competition and sending the team into the finals. These were held at the Court Theatre against four formidable teams, and, after an exhilarating afternoon of theatrical prowess, we had to yield the trophy (by one point) to Cashmere. Both teams performed valiantly

and our inspirational leavers can be incredibly proud of the work they have accomplished. It has been my absolute privilege to work with them. JUNIOR COMPETITION 2021 saw a wide array of Year 10s able to learn Theatresports through Optional Drama. However, Covid- 19-induced disruptions delayed the competition and left us with only one passionate Year 10, Jamie Phillips, who led a team of enthusiastic Year 9 players (Charlie Doutch, Angus Vincent and Alex Johnston) through the Junior Competition. Taking the lead early with a strong Yes, And Experts , the team continued to impress the judges with its daring physicality in Sit, Stand, Lie , clinching its entry into the finals by half a point with an exceptional Genre Rollercoaster where gardener Jamie became an alien, while Angus terrified the audience with his demonic possession and the whole thing devolved into a musical. These juniors worked incredibly hard against four talented teams in the Junior Finals at the Court Theatre.


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