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Tommy Whitteker and Jake Cutler, (who were selected for the New Zealand Secondary Students’ Choir) and Jamie Barr, Jack Belcher, Alex Brett, Henry Briscoe, Josh Erasmus, Shyam Hari, Oliver Hlavac, Janindu Pahalawatta, Hanjun Kim, Charles Lord, Kosei Oikawa and Sam Kelly. Term 4 was an immense challenge for the choir, with many events being cancelled and the uncertainty of working within shifting parameters of Ministry of Education guidelines. It was decided that the annual Advent Service be cancelled and that the focus be on the Carol Service, which would be a choir-only event

held for the first time inside the Chapel. The filming of the service and it being live-streamed was extremely well received and was picked up by Shine TV and replayed several times on Christmas Eve throughout New Zealand. In many ways, it was fitting that the service was held in the Chapel as it was Chaplain Rev. Bosco Peters’ final service and a fitting tribute to his service to the College community. The choir commissioned leading New Zealand Choral composer David Hamilton to compose a special anthem titled To walk with your God , which was a favourite text of

Bosco and Helen Peters. The leadership from Head of Choir Josh Erasmus – and Henry Briscoe and Oliver Hlavac as his Deputies – was effective and served the choir well. Alex Brett as Crucifer and lead guitarist was outstanding in leading the College waiata over several years. Head Trebles Albie Anderson and Angus Whitteker impressively navigated the challenges of an ever- decreasing section as voices changed and numbers dramatically reduced. Robert Aburn Director of Music

CHAPEL CHOIR 2021 Chapel Choir winner of the best performance of a classical work and best mixed choir at NZCF Regional Big Sing

Back Row: OH Aikawa, AJ Johnston, AW Gifford (Choral Scholar), NT Winefield, WJC Morris, AB Roberts, JWR Griffin, RD Primus, FP O’Gara, A Ghafoor, NF Yee Fifth Row: SHG Belcher, ET Foote, KL Thiele, OLT Biggs, B Geng-Wang, GD Robertson, DJW Laidlaw, HD Vincent, A Intoratat, C Fox, E Kuo Fourth Row: Y Elnahas, TA Foster, AS Nijjar, ATG Fulton, GS Wilson, RA McClean, JM Burt, RJG Kidd, MN Brett, OCR Jones (Choral Scholar), AB Mahon, TS Wijesinghe Third Row: ODJ Du Toit, HC Vaughan (Choral Scholar), JM Hooker (Instumental Scholar), TJ Whitteker (Choral Scholar), EI Davidson, OC Glossop, EJ Nye (Choral Scholar), OP Gosling, AJM Law, LA Short, DJS Wayne, ELE McVicar, JA Higginson Second Row: AT Bedggood, RY Gu, DJF Wilson, DC Robertson, H Kim, S Hari, CE Lord, N Orchard, SC Kelly, K Oikawa, DS Pahalawatta, OC Young, JGS Simpson, JT Saunders Front Row: JK Hodges (Instrumental Scholar), JP Belcher (Head Prefect), AA Brett (Crucifer), HJ Briscoe (Choral Scholar/Deputy Head of Choir), AD Anderson (Co-head Treble), Mr RJ Aburn (Director of Music), JS Erasmus (Head of Choir), The Rev’d JBM Peters (Chaplain), AJ Whitteker (Co-head Treble), Mr NL Sutcliffe (Organist), OMC Hlavac (Choral Scholar/Deputy Head of Choir), JJ Barr (Deputy Head Prefect), JD Cutler Absent: Q Chen (Instrumental Scholar), JTL Floyd, ID Heap, LJF Horne, JPS Ratulomai, HAO Wynn Thomas


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