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Charlie Cameron 1st U19 Pole Vault Nikau Davies 7th U14 Javelin Che De Luca 8th U14 High Jump Riley Diver 4th U16 Pole Vault James Drury

Marcus Hamilton 1st U19 Discus 1st U19 Hammer Matty Hickman 3rd= U15 800m 4th U15 1500m Sam Idiens 3rd U19 1500m 4th U19 3000m Jack Jones

delivered some strong performances and a few PBs, including discus thrower Armani Lemalu who set a South Island record. Each boy did their best, determined to come back stronger. I was also proud of the boys who stepped into the relay teams at the last minute, delivering impressive results despite not training together. Thank you to all the supporters who helped on the day and the coaches who braved the conditions to support their athletes. Special thanks to our busy Housemasters, Matt Thatcher – with three athletes competing – and Briar Wait, who took time out of their holidays to help. For the full results, go to: wp-content/uploads/2021/04/siss- full-results-2021.pdf

8th U16 Javelin William Gifford 5th U14 800m Armani Lemalu 1st U15 Discus – 53.07m (South Island record) 1st U15 Shot Put Hopo Leota

3rd U19 Hammer 6th U19 Shot Put Rico Lemalie 2nd U14 80m Hurdles 3rd U14 Discus 4th U14 Hammer AJ Madondo 1st U15 Triple Jump 2nd U15 100m Jack McKeown 5th U16 Pole Vault 10th U15 400m

1st U15 Hammer 2nd U15 Shot Put


Back Row: AM Lemalu, JPJ Abbiss, WHB Pryor, JW Moss, FS Broomhall, BS Ward, GJT Smith, HM Murison Third Row: Mr T Turner (Coach), JA Thomas, PD Palamo, CS Stanley, A Madondo, AGR Thorne, OT Wells-Swann, JA Smith, Mr MJ Thatcher (Coach) Second Row: Mr GG Christey (Coach/Manager), MP Sedze, X Wu, SR Aitken, MC Ott, RJTA Lemalie, FO Noble, Mr YA Lin (Coach) Front Row: HLH Ansell, JEF McKeown, CAL Cameron (Co-captain), MX Hamilton (Co-captain), AW Gormack, WTN Gifford, B Geng-Wang


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