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MiC: Steven Everingham Managers: Steven Everingham, Nick Coxon, Kate Belton Coach: Manny Collins TEAMS: A Squad: Thimeth Wijesinghe (captain), Kennedy Kiao, Eric Liu, Lester Lai, Matthew Lee B Squad: Jesse Crawshay (captain), Jordan Yee, Luke Kim, Adam Zhu, Angus Turnham, Caden Yee

C Squad: Angus Gifford (captain), Renzo Macdonald Jaramillo, George Cooper, Harry Scrymgeour, Oliver Glossop, Xander Acton-Adams D Squad: James Drury (captain), Greg Robertson, Otto Elworthy, Noah Yee E Squad: Allan Chong (captain), Brandon Lee, Luke Shipston, Dylan Butler, Ollie Du Toit F Squad: Charlie Doutch (captain), Jeffery Jiang, Benson Geng-Wang,

Carter Jelley, Edward Whallan, Noah Williams The 2021 season started with two weeks of practice sessions with our coach, Manny Collins, providing the boys with plenty of good practice time and, also, the opportunity for more accurate team selections from our 34 members. After the new boys had been correctly placed, we had six teams in a range of grades – from Premier A grade, featuring our


Back Row: OC Glossop, AW Gifford, J Lee, JS Drury, DLA Butler Middle Row: Mr SE Everingham (MIC), Ms KC Belton (Manager), GH Couper, JX Jiang, ODJ du Toit, Mr NM Coxon (Manager) Front Row: OA Elworthy, NF Yee, CA Doutch, N Williams, GD Robertson


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