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strengths admirably on the court throughout the season, playing with enormous zest, teamwork and fairness. All team members shared ball time among all ability levels and constantly supported each other, even when their play was not successful. The team’s Most Valuable Player was Jonty Inglis while Harry Rookes was recognised as the Most Valuable Team Member. The boys complemented each other’s skills and had much to be proud of throughout the season. Samantha Squire Manager INTERMEDIATE GREY BASKETBALL Manager: Paul McCarthy Coach: Paul McCarthy Team: Jack Barr, Liam Barrett, Harry Beaglehole, Jamie Burdon, Harry Campbell, Adrian Chang, Nico Elworthy, Suhyuk Jung, Tadhg McKenna, Oscar Olsson The Intermediate Grey team had a highly successful season, highlighted by great individual performances and collective improvement. After an inauspicious start – losing four matches on the bounce – the team notched its first win in Week 5 of the competition, 28–21 against Cathedral College. In this game, the team displayed a tenacity

who often found himself in a state of perpetual locomotion, moving tirelessly from one end of the court to the other. His attitude proved inspirational for the rest of the team. Nico Elworthy and Liam Barrett provided some good thrust and shooting options on attack, with Liam proving to be a consistent perimeter shooter. Jack Barr also scored some miraculous three- pointers from ‘downtown’ and very important points during matches. Suhyuk Jung, Adrian Chang, and Jamie Burdon also proved to be committed team players. Perhaps the most defining match of the season was the final against Mairehau High School. After being trounced by the same team earlier in the season and seemingly unable to score, the College team returned as a finalist with a positive outlook. It was a close game throughout, with College running away to win by five points. The match was memorable for the contributions from all the players, with some notable points from Harry Beaglehole, Oscar, Jack and Liam. The outcome of the match proved how much development had taken place throughout the season, both as a team and as individual players. Paul McCarthy Manager

contributed to the team’s only win of the season. Harry’s interception disrupted the opposition’s momentum while Rockie Macfarlane and Ben Beattie each scored huge three-pointers. In the game against St Bede’s College, the team worked hard to try to even the score, but fell short. Jack Kennedy and Louie Nelson delievered great motivational speeches, providing a much needed boost. Against Lincoln High School, the team had one of the best games of the season, proving highly competitive. In particular, Ben had a strong game and worked tirelessly on defence. In the final game of the season, the team kept the scoreline close, and while it resulted in a loss, College challenged Darfield High School. Ollie-Cooper played the full game and was the biggest threat on both offence and defence. Overall, the team had a solid season, working hard to lift everyone’s game. Thank you to our Canterbury Rams coaches for their enthusiasm and support. Amanda Lester Manager

U20 BASKETBALL Manager: Nicole Billante Coach: Julian Archer

Team: Angus Ireland, Jonathon Huo, Hamish Patterson, Cameron McCarthy, Harvey Watson, Vili Pale, Henry Smith, Jeremy Kinley, Thomas Stephens, Hanson Xie The UC Christ’s College U20 team were part of the Canterbury Basketball U20 Mid-Grade that competes on Saturdays around the city. The season started positively with some close games against St Andrew’s College putting the team in the mix early on as a possible finals contender. However, in our 4th game the team lost two key players to injury and that set the season on a slightly different path. Followed by a spate of illness, the team nevertheless played valiantly each week. However, against teams with deeper benches, it was often hard to hold on to the end. The season ended in round robin play; it


and commitment on defence which would define its future

Manager: Amanda Lester Coach: Canterbury Rams

performances. The win provided the impetus and self-belief to continue a winning streak that would last for the rest of the season. An understanding of the tactics and a growing awareness of what was required to win matches against bigger and more physical opponents seemed to develop and improve with each game. The players soon realised that the collective power of a team had far greater potential than individual performances. Pleasing gains were made by Harry Campbell, Oscar Olsson, Harry Beaglehole, and Tadgh McKenna on defence. Jack Barr proved a tenacious player

Team: Ben Beattie, Jack Kennedy, Robert Kidd, Ollie Cooper-King, Rockie Macfarlane, Louie Nelson, William Pearson, Harry Smith, Charles Smith, Will McQuilkin The team was united by enthusiasm and always put forth its best effort, regardless of the challenges. Ollie Cooper-King was awarded the Most Valuable Player for his dedicated approach and ability to engage other team members in the game. Harry Smith was awarded Best Team Member for his positive attitude and relentless on-court effort.

In the season opener against St Andrew’s College, everyone


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