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ART As we reflect on 2021 in Art, I want to thank the students for once again being so flexible and adaptable to the shifts in routines that happened throughout the year. It was great to see students thinking laterally and coming up with innovative ways to complete their work, especially during the lockdown. The immediacy of the move into Level 4 meant that boys went home without paper or paints. To see students using boxes from their recycling bins to make artworks or making sculptures from objects in their pantries, was great! There were many highlights this year, but I want to single out a few because these students produced outstanding work. Firstly, Sean Zhao in Year 10. His drawings and paintings were of a very high standard. His abstract

painting on custom board was beautifully made and presented. Congratulations Sean. From the Year 11 group, Eric Liu produced a superb portfolio that brought together a broad range of imagery around pop and underground culture. His painting skills were exquisite, especially in rendering people and birds. Colin Gong submitted a portfolio that was a throw back to expressionism from the 1980s yet done in a fresh new way. Otto Elworthy allowed us to float among the clouds in his magical surrealist scenes. There was a playfulness and originality to his compositions. Suhyuk Jung made intricate multi-image scenes from 1960s culture. The subtle political commentary in his work was well done. Mixer Sanrat showed a dexterity in the way that he could paint a wide variety of

imagery and textures in a confident and accomplished manner. Peter Wang also completed a well- executed portfolio. I congratulate these boys for their hard work and perseverance. The Year 12 students carried on from where they left off last year. Their research took them in completely different directions to one another, yet the standard was consistently high quality across the portfolios. Oliver Aikawa painted people in the landscape; then he created a wonderful series of work that showed the power you can generate with colour and texture. The final paintings he submitted on his portfolio would be the envy of any Fine Art student studying at university. Jake Abbiss developed a sophisticated colour palette. His semi-abstract, semi-figurative paintings of people within domestic

Reis Azlan


Christ’s College Canterbury

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