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always great to see the passion pass through to tertiary. Students sat in a lecture by Dr Gary Morrison who took them through Imperial Rome, case studying the Julio-Claudian dynasty. This worked brilliantly for the students Internal on architecture and how the messages of Empire are conveyed through the magnificent buildings we still see today. Teece Museum We are extremely lucky to be walking distance from The University of Canterbury Teece Museum of Classical Antiquities which opened in May 2017. The museum showcases the James Logie Memorial Collection, one of the most significant collections of Greek, Roman, Egyptian and Near Eastern artefacts in New Zealand. This year we were fortunate to be able to take the Level 2 and 3 classes. Terri, the curator at the museum, took the Level 2 class through the Myths and Mortals: Life in Ancient Times show. The exhibition included sections on people and place, the divine world, mythical heroes, real heroes, sport and leisure, politics and empires, family life, women in the ancient world, children, and epic language – all suited to broadening the students’ knowledge of the Greco- Roman world. We were also given an exclusive opportunity to look at primary sources that were on loan at the museum. Students were able to hold real coins of the Roman world, were able to gaze on sculptures that had been dug up after the fall of the Empire. It was a very surreal experience for the students who have not yet had the chance to visit historical sites across the world. I strongly believe that getting out of the classroom and seeing aspects of ancient history first hand cannot be understated; I hope in the near future this will mean an overseas trip for boys who take Classical Studies. Prize winners It is fair to say it was an extremely hard decision to choose the academic prize across both year groups. When choosing, I not only looked at the academic results but

how students applied themselves to their studies and the effort they put in throughout the year. This did not make it any easier; I wish I could give a prize to more than one boy in each year level. I am very proud of all our students and congratulate our prize winners in Classical studies this year. The Neave Memorial Prize for Classical studies 2021 Year 12 – Alex Scott Year 13 – Andrew Bourner Olivia Austin TiC Classical Studies COMMERCE As I reflect on the 2021 year, and read through my previous 2020 Register article which begins “as I am sure many a Register article will attest to, this year has been one like no other”, it seems the year has again been unpredictable and changeable, and like no other. Despite being fortunate in the South Island to experience a relatively small amount of disruption, it has called for adaptability and flexibility by staff and students and I am both grateful and proud of the ongoing positive responses and successful outcomes that have been achieved. This year we welcomed Robbie Turrell from Onslow College to the Commerce Department. He has been a fantastic addition to the team, and the boys in his classes have thoroughly enjoyed his engaging teaching and extensive knowledge. As I have mentioned in previous articles, a particular highlight of the Agribusiness programme is the innovative and sustainable business unit. This is done in conjunction with the Young Enterprise Scheme, which also incorporates offers of support, and competitions the boys can enter their businesses in. This year there were a number of groups who managed to get their ideas off the ground and began to make sales and bring in revenue. Massage Guns NZ, Rucks Rugby Boot Bags, Reflex Media Drone Footage, Micro Fresh Microgreens were just some of the businesses that implemented their plans and took their ideas to market.

This Year 13 programme is the super- sized version of the Year 10 Market Day, which again had successes with golf target shooting, burritos, burgers and lollies. In 2022 the department continues to evolve. The curriculum area of Agribusiness has been split into separate Business and Enterprise and Agribusiness courses at Year 12 and Year 13, in order to cater more effectively to our student needs. The Business and Enterprise courses will now provide a pathway from Year 10 to Year 13 for those students wishing to study the practical question of “how do you run a business?” covering everything from motivation to future proofing. Agribusiness remains a course combining business in an agricultural context, and some specific agriculture/horticulture content for those students wishing to specifically study commerce within the agricultural sector. This year we were lucky to have Sharon Zollner, Chief Economist at ANZ Bank visit College to talk Covid, house prices, and general economic outlook for New Zealand to our senior Economics students. College is a long-time customer of ANZ and so we were fortunate, on this short trip to Christchurch, to have Sharon offer her time to the College students. Her presentation was insightful, thought-provoking and was delivered in her unique charismatic way. The Christ’s College Diploma ‘Ngaˉ Miha’ has been of huge focus across the school this year as we work towards its 2022 roll out. The Diploma is an exciting opportunity for staff and students, and the largest curriculum change in many years. In 2022 Commerce will now have two core courses: ‘Business and Enterprise’ and ‘Decisions, Decisions, Decisions’. Every Year 10 or 11 student will complete one of these as part of the broad base of the diploma curriculum. Additionally, Accounting Prep and Economics Prep will be available to those students wishing to continue from the Core courses and look to study Commerce in the senior levels.


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