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We continued to march forward in our embrace of modern technology this year by introducing the option of online assessment for senior students. Whilst this approach was largely received positively by the student cohort, we await with baited breath the outcome of this innovation in respect of student results in their external examinations. Scholarship English We are delighted that the following students gained English Scholarship in 2020: John-Paul Lay (Outstanding) Henry Eglinton (Outstanding) Charles Owens (Outstanding) Matthew Gibb

everyday life in the school. It is with great pride that the department acknowledges the extraordinary performance of the following students. Top students Year 9 – Tomas Coberger Year 10 – Albie Roberts Year 11 – Lachie Short/Lewis Whiteside Year 12 – Yusef Elnahas Year 13 – George Gearry Tancred Prize for Literature Year 9 – Edward Elworthy Year 10 – Noah Yee Year 11 – Otto Elworthy Year 12 – Yusef Elnahas Year 13 – George Gearry Tom Cooper Prize for Public Speaking Year 10 – Mitchell Young Year 11 – Lewis Whiteside Year 12 – Yusef Elnahas Year 13 – Callum Hackston Tom Cooper Prize for Debating Oscar Compton-Moen Tom Cooper Prize for Reading Angus Vincent T.R. Moore Prize for English Thomas Clarke Michael O’Brien Prize for Literature Claude Tellick Denham Memorial Prize for Original Composition Senior – Bruno Vaughan Major Rattray Prize for Literature William Law

adapt to the ever-changing dynamics of field work. Our Year 9 classes were taught by Neil Nicholson and Josh Kim. The boys have been taught a range of geographic skills, including map interpretation and graphing techniques. Topics studied included: migration and the contentious issues that inevitably accompany the movement of people; and analysing contemporary geographic issues that feature in the media both locally and globally. During early Term 1 and 4 the boys spent a day in Lyttelton, gathering information to construct computer-based land-use maps of the town as part of a land use research assignment. A crucial real world skill that is heavily in demand. The Year 10 course focused more on the issues of traffic congestion around College as well as global population demographics. The students learnt different development models and applied these to real world situations. This led to the causes and solutions to world differences being discussed and debated. The Year 11 class was kept busy with three NCEA internal assessments and preparation for the three external standards. Throughout the year geographic skills had been taught and reinforced. The Christchurch earthquakes of 2010 and 2011 formed our main case study for the standard on extreme natural events and Monsoon Asian countries of India, Singapore and China were studied as the main case studies for the population paper. The Hanmer Springs field trip proved once again very popular with the students as they investigated traffic congestion, the impacts of tourism, and the degradation of the local environment. The impact of Covid-19 in the middle of the year really threw some of the boys a curve ball, but they adapted quickly to online learning, and this was the main form of teaching for four weeks. Year 12 boys were kept busy in Term 1 prepping background information and field surveying skills for the four- day trip to the Mt Cheeseman Forest

Dominic Edmond Callum Hackston Thomas Jones Jamie Yee Charles Chubb George Gearry Isaac Heap William Simcock George Simpson

This year the department exceeded its already outstanding track record with Scholarship, largely thanks to the enduring effort of outgoing Head of Department, Sian Evans and English Tutor, Ruth Simms. The boys will dearly miss the commitment, charisma and talent of both colleagues. It was with some sadness that we bade farewell to Ruth Simms. Ruth came to College on a “gap year” in July 2019. The closure of many borders, and of course her love for the English department and our students, meant that her tenure was extended an extra two years. She oversaw extraordinary success in our Scholarship programme and leaves behind her quite a legacy in the form of students for whom she has been ‘their person’ in the school. We wish her all the best. Prize Winners Due to unanticipated interruptions, this year, more than any other, the winners of English prizes have done so as a result of work that was completed as part of their

Chris Waugh HoD English

GEOGRAPHY The Geography Department has completed another disrupted, albeit successful year of making Christ’s College students more aware of their environment. This year we welcomed Josh Kim to the department, and he set about upholding our traditional approach as well as bringing new ideas and innovations into the curriculum. Thrown into the deep end for the Year 12 Craigieburn trip, he proved very quickly that he could


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