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from 38 countries and has been running for 45 years. Our students performed impressively, achieving our highest number of top results in recent years, with four students placing in the top 3% and a further 32 placing in the top 20%. High Distinction (placing in the top 3% of results in the country): Year 9: Jack Hastie (top 1%), Aaron Kwak and Richard Brown. Year 10: Robert Kidd (top 2%) Distinction (placing within the top 20% of results) Year 9: William Gifford, Ryan Gu, Tomas Coberger, James Floyd, Max Hao, Jack Smith Year 10: Nicholas Sharr, Seann Zhao, Gordon Liu, Mitchell Young, Dom Botherway, Jake Hayes, Harry Vaughan, Matthew Flint, Peter Wu, Dylan Butler, Callum Fox, Brandon Lee, Matthew Lee Year 11: Sean Jang, Oliver Glossop, James Bernau, Lachie Short, Will Bretherton, Joshua Hooker Year 12: Yusef Elnahas, Jasper Moss, Steven Zhang, Harry Sharr, Tim Wang Year 13: James Currie, Hanson Xie Kangarou sans Frontieres As a large number of competitions have been cancelled due to Covid, we opted to enter a new international competition this year. Inspired by the Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC), two French teachers started a similar competition in France. They called it Kangaroo to pay tribute to their Australian friends. It is similar in format to the AMC and has more than 6 million participants annually. Again, our students performed to a high standard with two students achieving a High Distinction and 30 achieving Distinction. High Distinction: Year 9: Aaron Kwak Year 11: Sean Jang Distinction: Year 9: Jack Hastie, James Hadden, Sam Bennett, Marten Brookes, James Floyd

Year 10: Nicholas Sharr, Freddie Coates, Jake Hayes, Lester Lai, Gordon Liu, Angus Whitteker, Robert Kidd, Benjamin Murphy, Josh Durant, Junewon Kang, Callum Fox, Rahal Pathirana Year 11: Colin Gong, Nicholas Wilson, Joshua Hooker, Sam Cross, Alex McEwan, William Sudell, Lachie Short, Oliver Glossop Year 12: Yusef Elnahas, Bruno Vaughan, Isaac Heap Year 13: James Currie, Kosei Oikawa Cantamath In order to select teams for the Cantamath Competition this year, a few Year 9 classes participated in a school competition similar in format to the Cantamath Competition. At the end of the Friday, the Chapman Room was filled with pairs of Year 9s eagerly answering Mathematics questions and racing to see if their answer was correct. Our Year 12 Calculus students volunteered as markers and eagerly cheered their teams on and encouraged them to keep trying. The students selected to compete at the Cantamath competition were Sam Bennett, Richard Brown, James Floyd, William Gifford, Ryan Gu, James Hadden, Jack Hastie, Alex Johnston, Callum Kingsbury, Aaron Kwak and David Wang. Unfortunately, after being postponed twice, the Cantamath Competition was cancelled again this year. Aurecon Bridge Building Competition The Aurecon Bridge Building Competition is held each year in a variety of locations throughout Australia and New Zealand, with junior students constructing balsa

often turbulent history of Akaroa with the help of Marie Haley of ‘Seventh Generation Tours’. Marie, a direct descendent of several prominent French settlers is very knowledgeable about both the pioneer and pre-European history of Akaroa, history which is often not immediately visible. We learnt about the spiritual importance of Tuhiraki (Mt Bossu), Te Rauparaha’s raid at Takapuneke which led to the death of paramount chief Te Maiharanui and the spiritual as well as historic importance of the site known as the ‘red house’. We also visited the site of the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi in the South Island and the Akaroa Deed in 1856. The boys particularly enjoyed the visit to the Onuku church. Akaroa’s story is unique. Three languages and three cultures converge in this tiny village and each culture has enriched its history. We are very lucky to be only an hour’s drive away. Our annual International Languages Chapel Service kicked off a very successful Round Square International Week. Our theme for the service was “Ehara taku toa te toa, takitahi engari he toa, takimano” (my strength is not that of an individual but that of the collective). The reading was given in French by James Currie and the Lord’s Prayer read in Japanese by Hansen Xie. Prayers were also spoken in Te Reo by Ihaka Cate, Samoan by Jayden Sa, Spanish by Renzo Macdonald, German by Teo Arndt, Malay by Reis Azlan and Arabic by Yusef Elnahas. Claude Tellick gave a very moving and eloquent sermon on the theme of diversity and openness of spirit. The boys spoke confidently and with real pride in the languages that they showcased so well. I would like to thank Chaplain Bosco Peters for his encouragement and support of our Chapel service throughout the 20 years it has been running. It is a unique school event in the city and this year the quality of the boys’ contributions was outstanding. Whilst Covid-19 put paid to many keenly anticipated language events,

wood bridges designed to an exacting set of specifications.

Year 9 students were just starting to think about their designs, when the competition was cancelled for 2021. Samantha Squire HoD Mathematics and Statistics MODERN LANGUAGES 2021 began with promise as the advanced French class took a closer look at the complex and


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