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RELIGIOUS EDUCATION All students in Years 9, 10, and 11 study Religious Education. They study the life and context of Jesus of Nazareth, his teachings, the Gospels, the history within them, as well as their literary development. They learn about our school’s Anglican dimension, including about baptism, communion, and all aspects of our services. Each student receives a Bible, and we cover central stories from Abraham through to Moses as well as the creation stories. Students respectfully learn about and from six world religions: Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Sikhism. We look at Philosophy, our values, and study ethics systematically. We work our way through 2,000 years of Christian history, going especially deeply into the Reformation. In 2022, Religious Education is continuing as part of NCEA Level 1, providing students with needed literacy credits. Religious Education as an academic subject continues to help students understand the important role religions have played in shaping our world, cultures, music, and conflicts. Students are given the opportunity to understand why there are different viewpoints. This is essential in our increasingly diverse country.

Tyndale Prizes – Year 10 Sam Hales, Will McQuilkin Tyndale Prizes – Year 9 Ihaka Cate, Aaron Kwak Rev. Bosco Peters HoD Religious Education

11 Option class, the boys continued to perform well, with some of them producing outstanding work. The highlight of the year was the annual Safety in the Outdoors field trip to Adrenaline Forest and Spencer Park in Term 4. In Year 12, the ever-popular classic of Canoe Polo got the boys busy and they once again did a nice job of coaching different Year 9 College classes in a range of sports. Year 13 saw a change in courses, with a Sports Leadership course being offered for the second time. This course was created to complement the existing Year 13 NCEA course. It was redesigned with a focus primarily on the practical aspects of Physical Education and the technical aspects of coaching and managing people, rather than the heavy literacy content that is required for other NCEA courses. This course proved to be very popular and is something that we intend to keep refining in 2022. In the Year 13 NCEA course, the impacts of the Covid-19 restrictions were heavily felt. As a result of the restrictions we had to unfortunately again cancel the Safety and Risk management ski camp to Craigieburn Ski field. This trip proved hugely popular with students in 2019 and is something that we will look to reintroduce in 2022. 2021 Prize Winners Year 13 NCEA – Thomas Clarke and Isaac Aitken Year 13 Sports Leadership – Marcus Hamilton Year 12 – Ben Breitmeyer and Hunter Adams Year 11 – Charlie Poulter Year 10 – Albie Roberts Year 9 – Sam Belcher Thank you to all staff and students


2021 got off to an amazing start for us with news of seven Biology Scholarships (Rohan Baird, Angad Vraich, Dominic Edmond, Eden Pidgeon, Andrew Kwak, Henry Eglinton, George Coats) from the 2020 cohort. It was great to see so many of the boys get this reward for all their hard work and early Tuesday morning sessions. We also had a very successful Temple Basin Trip thanks to some cooperative weather, excellent preparation by Kirsty Howatson and Emily Priest and the military planning of our technician, Sally Kersey. Following on from the events of 2020, the uncertainty and disruption caused by the pandemic had the potential to challenge our programme again. However, careful planning, a collective sense of urgency and general resilience seemed to see us through 2021. Similar to previous years, our front- loading of internal assessments may prove a challenge at times for staff and students but it did ensure that there was less impact for our students during the Term 3 lockdown. Our previous experiences in 2019 also meant that we were able to offer quality remote learning for our students and again our students came back without having lost too much momentum and progress. Another big theme for us this year was planning for the new College Diploma. I am very proud of how proactive and creative the Biology team has been in this area and we have developed very exciting courses for 2022 as a result. We have seized on the opportunity to look at our whole programme and have been excited by the opportunity that it has presented for new learning opportunities in and out of the

Students, in a safe, respectful environment, discuss and form

their own values and are provided frameworks for issues of our day. I was delighted that two students, George Gearry and Callum Hackston, sat the Religious Studies Scholarship examination. I once again thank Nick Coxon, who retired at the end of 2021. He has been a constant, indefatigable, committed member of the Religious Education Department. He continued to share in the teaching of Religious Education in Years 10 and 11. 2021 Prize Winners Balfour Prizes George Gearry, Callum Hackston Tyndale Prizes – Year 11 Matthew Brett, Benedykt Staples

who have made this year so successful, albeit within the

changing environment and levels that have been related to Covid-19. Henry Smith HoD Physical Education and Health


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