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LEADERSHIP Executive Principal’s Prize-giving Address

I acknowledge Hugh for his extraordinary efforts in addressing the College response to matters of concern raised by the Royal Commission of Inquiry into Abuse in Care currently being conducted by our Government. This continuing work is essential to who we are as a school and how we travel forward from this dark aspect of our past, and Hugh’s leadership, attention and care have led the way. His personal commitment of time, combined with his expertise, has been invaluable. To our parents and wider wha¯nau of the boys gathered here, thank you for your support of them and the school throughout what has been another incredible year. Together, we have faced the unusualness of further Covid-19-impacted education and, I believe, we can, again, be well pleased with our shared responsiveness. To every member of the College staff, my appreciation and gratitude. I am in awe of your adaptability, willingness to change and patience as we have continued to balance the ‘is’ with the ‘perhaps’ and the ‘maybe’. There is no doubt that the holistic experience here at College is enabled by these staff. They are a most important component of our culture and, whether they be members of our teaching or non- teaching staff, I could not be more proud of their efforts and dedication, given the ongoing challenges at both a personal and professional level the last two years have brought, as they have served the needs of our boys. Boys, could you please join me in acknowledging the staff of College for their efforts for you across the

breadth of your school experience this year. To the boys assembled, thank you for your contribution to 2021. Thank you for being friends, thank you for caring for each other, thank you for nurturing the spirit of College together. To those of you who are leaving, like you, I was not imagining this time last year that your final year would again be so impacted by enforced changes caused by external circumstances. Your contribution this year has been made special because it needed to be so and you will be remembered for how you have led our community. You have lifted the focus on our inclusive culture to a higher expectation, still aspirational but now more reachable. You have led us to some of the best sporting outcomes in living memory across a huge variety of competitions. You have maintained an engagement and level of performance in cultural and House activities, despite forced compromises, and, finally and very significantly, you will achieve exceptional academic outcomes. This is clearly evident through scholarship entries to universities and halls for so many. You have, in so many ways, been inspirational in a year that demanded special leadership and the boys who remain will always remember you. I would particularly like to highlight Head Prefect Jack Belcher and his Deputy, Jamie Barr. You have been true leaders through influence by modelling personal excellence along the way and representing the views of your schoolmates with clarity and wisdom. As they leave school for the next exciting phase of their lives, could I

Ka tangi te titi, ka tangi te kaka, ka tangi hoki ahau. Tihei mauri ora! Te¯na¯ koutou, te¯na¯ koutou, nga¯ mihi mahana ki a koutou katoa. Nau mai, haere mai ki te Kura o ¯ te Karaiti. Chair of the College Board, Hugh Lindo, staff, students and those members of our community joining us via the live-stream feed. Thank you for coming together today for what is a celebration of so much that has been achieved by individuals that reflect the efforts of many. On such occasions, we always need to remind ourselves that we must be grateful for those around us, for without them our individual and collective success would not be achieved. It is with others that we strive and they who often provide the impetus and support to make us rise rather than fall. I begin by thanking Hugh Lindo and the College Board for their support of College throughout this challenging year. Particularly,


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