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Callum Hackston

Executive Principal’s Prize for Service Our second recipient, Callum has a strong service ethic and has made many fine volunteer contributions to Debating and Hockey in particular. In Debating, he played an important role in the mentoring and coaching of junior students. He established a good rapport with the junior debaters, particularly the top junior team, keeping a close eye on their development and readily offered advice and feedback. He willingly helped with the organisation of senior Debating, and adjudicated junior House Debating. Callum was a member of the Canterbury and New Zealand Schools’ Debating teams. He also provided service to Hockey by umpiring at Canterbury and national tournaments and was a Zonta Sports Award finalist for services to Hockey this year. In 2021, Callum umpired 12 men’s Division 1 games, eight schools’ premiership games, two school exchange games and several other matches. He also umpired interhouse Hockey games. He managed this on top of his debating, school and House commitments, demonstrating great perseverance, teamwork and diligence.

Bradley Shearer

Executive Principal’s Prize for Service Our third recipient, Bradley, Ngaˉpuhi, embraced his role as Head of Biculturalism with great passion and commitment this year. He will be remembered for his advocacy of Tikanga Maˉori and his encouragement of the boys to use Te Reo every day, to build their language and cultural competence. Many boys have taken up the challenge in the use of Te Reo greetings around the campus. He worked hard to improve his own proficiency in Te Reo, to lead by example. He was not afraid to prompt us all to consider the importance of our bicultural commitment in Aotearoa, with powerful messages about mistakes of the past and opportunities for the future. He used his strong leadership and interpersonal skills for the benefit of others, playing an important leadership role in our Maˉori and Pasifika student group, fostering tikanga and leading in the manaaki of others. His leadership in the kapa haka group was greatly valued. His impact has been a reflection of his own mana. As our inaugural student leader of Biculturalism, he has set a fine example for the future and we thank him for his dedication.

Claude Tellick

Executive Principal’s Prize for Service Our final recipient, Claude, was a highly effective Head of Round Square in 2021 and was instrumental in organising a superb Round Square International Week in Term 3. He played an important role in Round Square initiatives in his time at College, such as the work of the Junior Committee, our collaborations with other Round Square schools, and efforts to support our international students. He has helped to raise the profile of Round Square IDEALS at College and to encourage our boys to celebrate diversity in New Zealand. Claude was impeccable in his organisation of events and empowered members of his committee. He was very innovative and leaves a positive legacy. He has also made a powerful contribution to senior debating and theatresports. His service ethic included mentoring boys in the Immerse & Inspire programme, tree planting and school Drama productions. Claude has shown great humility and has never sought the limelight. All his service has been undertaken with zest and perseverance – two of his top strengths – in a thoughtful and considerate manner.


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