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Keeping career options open As one would expect, younger school students are influenced by their parents and their peers. It is natural that they know most about the jobs that their parents are doing and this is possibly discussed either indirectly or directly at home. So it is understandable that when questioned about their future, there is a lot that they don’t know. As adults we can now say “if I had my chance again I might have done this or that”, but only because we have had experience. Our starting point with Year 10 is to see if they have areas of interest and to explore the jobs in that area and the necessary personal requirements. As boys leave College at the end of 2021, some have decided, and correctly, that the university way of life, lectures, assignments, tutorials are not for them, and this has led to more boys looking for pre-trade or apprenticeships after College. Others are going to work and will make a future decision after some life experience. There is no correct answer, but in the end people will make the right choice. Career profiles Every Year 11, 12 and 13 boy will have had a career interview with Chris Sellars. The information gathered builds a good picture of the boys and leads to discussion of their thoughts and ideas at that stage. All possible options are talked about. An emphasis is put on them understanding themselves and encouragement given to explore new options. This meeting is followed up with parent discussion and the career profiles are given to Housemasters and placed in Schoolbox.

Google Meet Interviews As happened in 2020, we were again subjected to Covid-19 lock down with boys studying from home. I was able to interview a large number of Year 11 boys online and their punctuality, contribution and willingness to explore options was excellent. The follow up discussions with parents, again, were an important part of the career education process. Immerse & Inspire – MyMahi All Year 10 boys had their first introduction to career options and planning through the MyMahi digital platform

is sent to subscribers. Career information for Career Wise is often provided by tertiary providers and relevant material selected. The fortnightly In Black & White provides a calendar of events and relevant information for boys and parents. The CATE website (Careers and Transition Education) has a parents’ section and allows parents to review a range of articles which have included: 5 Key messages for parents; Talking to teens about careers; Understanding NCEA & subject selection. These have been

and are now able to keep track of their Goals and Reflections (character strengths). The Career Pathway section allows them to look at areas of interest through Careers NZ and to research different jobs. They can highlight and select relevant sections pertaining to these jobs: qualifications needed, school subjects recommended, personal

qualities, and skills required. A simple

template allows them to construct a Curriculum Vitae (CV). Parent Information In each publication of In Black & White I encourage parents and boys to sign up to the College Career Wise website. Information is placed on that site weekly and an email


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