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talented musicians: Rory Doull, Jeremy Kinley, Josh Jolly, Bruce Chen, Matthew Brett and Justin Hodges. They were awarded the House Choir Instrumental Backing Trophy which was presented to Liam at the end of the competition. We are grateful to them for the effort they put in to rehearse and plan for this event. These whole House events are the best representation of the spirit that exists within individual Houses and the fact that the boys put in so much individual effort demonstrates the importance of this to them. The performance of our instrumental group arranged by Justin Hodges was phenomenal; many of you said it was a highlight and great way to finish the event. Well done Justin Hodges, Rory Doull, Matthew Brett, Jeremy Kinley, Josh Jolly, Bruce Chen and thank you for representing Condell’s so perfectly. Lastly, appreciation for the efforts

and time put into meeting and rehearsing by our small vocal

effort. A huge thank you to Josh Jolly, Alex Brett and Reis Azlan who went out of their way to coordinate this alongside the Drama department. All those involved created a positive team dynamic, committed extra time for rehearsals, had fun, got to know other Year groups in the House, pushed themselves outside their comfort zones and created some interesting characters. Well done to the Technical Crew of Sean Jang, Elliott Grey and Sam Cross, and to the cast: Archer Oliver, Rocco Barker, Matthew Brett, Charlie Doutch, Jack Hastie, Sam Idiens, Ed Cochran, Finlay Broomhall, Alex Brett, Flynn Topham, Johnny Lee, Levi Astle, Alex Speight, Sam Whitaker, Santino Felitti-Duter, Alan Viles, Harry Sharr and Angus Vincent. The following boys put in a great effort in the Junior House Basketball final against Somes House: Archie Whithear, Tom Rawstron, Max Topham, Austin Smith, George Wilson, Oscar Compton-Moen, Noah Yee, Matty Hickman, Paddy Cochran, Ned McCrystal and Jack Hastie. After taking a strong lead in the first

half of the game, unfortunately we were unable to hold on and ended up losing to Somes 23-11. Thanks to Henry Smith and Brad Shearer for supporting and leading this team. Congratulations to the Junior Debate team of Noah Yee, Oscar Compton- Moen, Nicholas Sharr, Angus Vincent and Jack Hastie as well as the Junior Badminton team of Noah Yee, Austin Smith, Max Topham, Paddy Cochran and Kennedy Xiao who won their respective competitions for the House. Condell’s was placed 3rd overall in the interhouse competition for 2021. Finlay Broomhall, Spencer Smith and Jordan Yee began the fundraising work for our chosen charity, Westpac Helicopter Trust, with a very successful whole House red and yellow mufti day. They will continue this work in 2022 and it is pleasing to note that Spencer Smith will be Head of Service. Bruce Chen has been appointed Academic Prefect and Harry Vincent Chapel Prefect. I am delighted to confirm that Harry Sharr is Head of House for 2022 and will be supported by Flynn Topham as Deputy.

ensemble which consisted of: Alex Brett, Matty Brett, Justin Hodges, Bruce Chen and Albie Anderson. Senior House Debating. In the first round we were negating the moot: This House would suspend all flights to and from countries with a high case load of Covid-19. The team was Jeremy Kinley (who won best speaker), Josh Jolly and Bruce Chen. In the second round the team was Brad Shearer, Bruce Chen and Harry Sharr who were affirming the moot: This House would means test the pension. The debate was very close and economics-focussed with the edge going to Jacobs. Well fought, but the call didn’t go our way. Senior House Volleyball: Condell’s got as far as the final. This was an incredibly close game but we just lost out to Corfe House. Thanks to the effort of the following boys for taking us through to the final: Alex Brett, Reis Azlan, Tom Lightfoot, Rory Doull, Jeremy Kinley, Justin Hodges, Daniel Metherell, Sam Whitaker, Brad Shearer, Levi Astle, Archer Oliver and Matty Brett. The House Play was a fantastic


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