Register 2021

Year 11 Contribution to the House Elliott Grey Particularly for contributing to a positive House environment and demonstrating House Values Year 12 Contribution to the House Harry Sharr For his involvement, participation and dedication to the House HJM Bradshaw Leaver Cup for quiet achievement and excellence Reis Azlan Winter Cup for Leadership of Condell’s House Sam Idiens Wood Cup for Music Excellence Alex Brett This cup is awarded for musical contribution but his contribution to Condell’s House has been great, not least in the fact that he always steps up to organise, support and coordinate.

Outstanding Sportsman Cup Johnny Lee SN Johnstone Memorial Cup for service to the House Bradley Shearer He demonstrates good character and endeavour across College but never forgets his support and involvement in the House. Each Boy at his Best Cup for General effort, character and citizenship within the House Levi Astle Each Boy at his Best Cup for General effort, character and citizenship within the House Daniel Metherell OTHER PRIZES Special Housemaster’s Award for support of junior students and contribution to the House Santino Felitti-Duter

Special Housemaster’s Award for upholding Condell’s values and being a positive role model Flynn Topham Tankard for gaining 120 House Points over his time in Condell’s House, reflecting a significant contribution Josh Jolly Tankard for gaining 100 House Points over his time in Condell’s House reflecting a significant contribution Sam Idiens Alex Robertson Housemaster, Condell’s House


Back Row: ET Cochran, HD Vincent, JK Yee, S Felitti-Duter, LC Astle, FS Broomhall, TR Harrison, AN Speight, HR Sharr, FCD Topham, Q Chen, GAF Lee, SE Smith, AEM Oliver, RV Barker Fourth Row: SJ Cross, AM Viles, GJL Pearse, CC Yee, S Jang, Z Shen, EI Grey, OGB March, MN Brett, CJ Dalling, HG Campbell, NC Ovendale, LH Johnson, MJB Rothera, Mr S Leary (Mentor) Third Row: Mrs S Squire (Mentor), Mrs JL Thomas (Mentor), MP Sedze, HJ Penn, SR Aitken, PG Cochran, AJ Smith, TG Rawstron, MJ Hickman, OG Compton-Moen, MAG Topham, NJ Sharr, NF Yee, WLM Owen, Ms TY Yogeeswaran (Mentor), Ms K Howatson (Mentor) Second Row: TR Lightfoot, A Georgiou, BH Shearer, S Whitaker, DJAM Metherell, AA Brett (Deputy Head of House), ST Idiens (Head of House), Ms AIS Robertson (Housemaster), JD Lee (Deputy Head of House), Miss OM Austin (Deputy Housemaster/Mentor), JP Kinley, HW Smith, RJ Doull, J Jolly, LBN Sue-Tang Front Row: X Gu, Z Xiao, MC Johnson, DDP Clarkson, HMH Lee, GS Wilson, JCH Hansen-Ratter, CA Doutch, AD Anderson, RXC Brown, ET Foote, JK Hastie Absent: RE Azlan, C Gong, JK Hodges, TG Jackson, NK McCrystal, JT Onions, MJ Taylor, AM Vincent, ERH Whalan, AJ Whithear


Register 2021 Pastoral Care

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