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unusual, especially at the end of the year. College and especially Corfe House is a community which involves the parents and the absence of the end-of-year prize-giving dinner was a real shame. It will be interesting to see what rules are in place next year and hopefully the traffic lights will be green. After a very positive year in 2020 my goals were to cement that level of enthusiasm and keep the House performing highly in all areas of College life. Head of House Sam Dickie was enthusiastic and proactive and I knew from Week 1 that we were going to have a good year. Corfe was well represented in the 2021 athletics sports, possibly not quite the participation of 2020, but close. The junior boys got involved in a wide range of events with Ben Campbell leading the way. Joseph Nash was again lightning fast and dominant over the sprints. I am anticipating faster times from him in 2022. In the end it was hard to match the Harper House score. They have

certainly set the bar very high and we will need to get a few more boys involved to compete for the Athletics House trophy in the future. The swimming sports was run with many restrictions due to Covid-19. This meant no relays which is the rowdy and fun part of a very serious event. However, our competitive swimmers, especially Jordan Astley, Truman Heath and Basti Julian had some outstanding individual results. Truman’s 29.1s win in the 50m freestyle was a great race. It was also great to see Basti win his 50m backstroke. The full athletics and swimming results can be found in separate sections of this publication. At the start of this year we shared a collective goal of continuing the positive impact that Corfe was having on College. In 2020 we showed how House sport should be – with phenomenal support. We continued this theme into 2021 having success immediately in junior and senior volleyball. Truman Heath again led the way and later in the

Housemaster: Ian Stevenson Deputy Housemaster/Mentor: Andrew Levenger Mentors: Amanda Lester, Josh Kim, Hannah Clarkson Head of House: Sam Dickie Deputy Head of House: Toby Beresford It is with a great deal of pride and satisfaction that I write this report at the end of my fifth year as Corfe Housemaster. I arrived midway through 2017, the third Housemaster some of the senior boys had had. This came with many challenges but watching the then Year 9 boys graduate this year with the House in such a good place, made me even more motivated to make 2022 even better. This year has reminded me that I am working where I am most suited, and the boys around me are thriving. The Corfe values of self- reliance, respect and kindness are well embedded and almost to the boy they have a genuine pride in being part of something bigger than themselves. 2021 has been another disrupted year due to Covid-19 with the College timetable being at Level 2 for most of the second half of the year. This meant no Chapel services and ‘in house’ events were often live- streamed. I found this particularly


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