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McGoldrick Cup for Excellence in Sport Josh Book Josh has performed to an exceptional level in school and representative basketball. An incredibly humble lad and near unstoppable on the court. He is a great role model for the boys in Corfe. Corfe Cup for Service to the House and the ATM Moore Cup for

I have touched on the main events of 2021 but the boys have been involved in lots of other activities in and outside of College. Surfing is turning into one of Corfe’s strengths with the Mckenzie boys and Gus Priest competing successfully this year at a national level. We have boys learning musical instruments to a very high level, James Griffin recently winning the Sedley Wells music competition for solo performance on the piano. The time James has spent on getting to this level is nothing short of incredible. The growth of Te Reo and our bicultural focus excites me for the future. The passion shown by our Kapahaka boys at the House music competition was breathtaking and I am looking forward to watching this continue to grow. Great effort and leadership by Oli Aikawa, Che and Alex De Luca, Jack and Tai Mckenzie and Josh Ratulomai. In summary, the boys in Corfe are all

doing fantastically well. In my end- of-year prize-giving speech I said that we don’t have to come first to win. We don’t have to get the prize to have success. Our job is to find our own path and my job is to support you in that journey. Corfe is blessed with a team of adults that genuinely care about this process. Every boy can feel safe in Corfe House and also be free to come and find me at any time to discuss anything. The boys’ wellbeing, both mental and physical, remains a top priority. In another remarkable year we have shown great spirit, resilience, pride and dedication. It fills me with tremendous pride to be leading such a vibrant and talented bunch of young men and I am excited by the prospect of 2022 in Corfe House led by William Jones and Oli Aikawa. Ian Stevenson Housemaster, Corfe House

Fellowship Sam Dickie

In a year that again saw much anxiety and tension for many of our senior boys, Sam was calm and supportive of everyone. He was always humble and responsible. Student of the Year Awards For best attitude, House spirit and displaying the Corfe values.

Year 9 – Ben Campbell Year 10 – Mitchell Young Year 11 – Nic Book Year 12 – Hugh Duston


Back Row: Mr BR Sheat (Mentor), OH Aikawa, TC Seeto, JW Beer, LT James, RC Brooks, BGL Vaughan, WEP Jones, RD Primus, AJ Reid, LR Moore, JM Crawshay Fourth Row: JH Mckenzie, RA Johnson, JMV Dunlop, MR Munro, NL Brown, TL Thyne, CBR Poulter, NA Book, JJ Nash, AT George, S Wang, TSM Abraham, JP Astley, JM Fulford Third Row: Mr J Kim (Mentor), JL Whitaker, Y Wu, OJ Ren, LA Shipston, AC De Luca, TD Heath, AC Davidson, JPS Ratulomai, JG Garry, MRP Young, TR Dunlop, JK Hayes, Ms HM Clarkson (Mentor) Second Row: Mr AG Levenger (Deputy Housemaster/Mentor), GE Mason, RGT Fitzgerald, RW Lynch, H Watson, TW Beresford, SG Dickie (Head of House), Mr IC Stevenson (Housemaster), JE Book, AJD Batchelor, ST Peebles, JB Huo, BT Shipston, AJ Ireland, Ms AC Lester (Mentor) Front Row: M Arndt, TP Coberger, LM Garry, FF Chan-Allan, BJ Oram, CR De Luca, WSZ McNeil, MC Brooks, HGF Flatman, JX Jiang, BZ Huang, B Campbell, SR Julian, O King, TG Mckenzie, JGS Simpson Absent: TE Cottrell-Bone, HG Duston, JWR Griffin, JA Henderson, D Parris, AR Priest, TS Wright


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